Ufomammut is a band that sounds exactly like their name implies – a colossal, prehistoric elephant lumbering through the cosmos. Their latest release, Eve, exemplifies this sound and takes it to a completely new level of heaviness and groove-infused psychedelia.

The EP, spanning a doom-worthy 45 minutes consists of one track split into five distinct movements. After a few monolithic chords, we are dropped into the first part; a repetitive riff that builds up over its fourteen minutes, more monstrous with each repetition. The mostly unintelligible vocals create a ritualistic atmosphere while subtle accents on the guitars and drums stop things from getting boring before surging into a violent groove riff in the last five minutes.

The rest of the following track continues in a similar fashion: a quiet, ambient passage that builds up to a crescendo of feedback, reverb, fuzz and bass. The third movement in particular, featuring one of the most primal, destructive doom riffs I have had the privilege of hearing as it’s centerpiece! After the semi-predictable “rhythm” created by the previous two tracks, it hits like a punch to the gut. After this it settles back into more of an ebb and flow with the fuzzed-out groove ruling all.

Eve is more than just an album, it is an aural experience that all fans of well-produced, high-feedback stoner doom need to get their hands on! Incidentally, Ufomammut recently announced they have begun work on a new album, and if this is anything to go by, it’s going to blow our collective heads off!

Highlights: The whole thing! But the raw aggression of the third movement that eases up into a chilled, spacey groove in the following track is easily the stand-out moment of the entire piece.

  • This was a really good album. I just listened to it for the first time (and my first taste of Ufomammut) this past week. That band is great!

  • Aye this album was fucking coool! Saw them play the whole thing on tour and it was phenomenal.

    Oh, and also, it’s not an EP it’s a full length.

  • Yeun

    Whoa, I think I’ve just found my album of the year. This is incredible, incredible stuff. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve ordered a vinyl copy before it’s too late!

  • This sounds really heavy and i really like it!

  • Jesus Space Christ…

    Amazing (full-length) album, check my site for another equally positive review.

    And if you haven’t heard every single song done by these pioneers, well then I guess you’re in for some heavy spacey treats!