Beyond Creation - The AuraI made comments earlier to the effect of that I’d not heard the 2011 death metal record of the year. Nader Sadek definitely fills in that gap deftly, but Beyond Creation‘s 2011 release The Aura from some obscure Canadian Label that is going on a 6 month vacation so you can’t actually order records from them, should definitely tickle the fancy of anyone who loves technical death metal in the vein of Death, Obscura, Necrophagist, Cynic or Exivious. In other words, this is mandatory listening for fans of the genre. 

And man, when I got this record I was fucking giddy. From the beginning it’s pretty much a non-stop, smash you in the face example of what makes tech death some of my favorite music in the world when done right. Subtly melodic, tracks like “Coexistence” hook you with guitar (and bass) carried melodies and virtuoso performances, while at the same time bringing around heaviness and brutality when needed. In that sense, it’s more comparable to Obscura‘s breakthrough record Cosmogenesis than most of the other tech death kin. There’s a melodic sense that often gets lost in Necrophagist or Spawn of Possession kind of work.

While the whole band is obviously very talented, you should know that the thing to watch for here is Beyond Creation‘s bassist Dominic Lapointe. This guy is a rare talent on the fretless bass and the way that bass is used here is even more in your face than on Cynic or Obscura‘s work. But while this rubs some people the wrong way, it definitely hits me right in the “OH FUCK YEAH” section of the brain. Watch out especially for the way it’s used in clean breakdowns like in “Coexistence,” or as a countermelody at the halfway point of huge epic “The Departed.” This is a sound I can’t get enough of.

I strongly recommend you head over to the band’s merch page and buy this thing directly. It’s ridiculously awesome.

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  • Hell yea! I was waiting for you to bring them up!!!

  • Picked this up your recommendation a while ago, freakin’ love it. It’s easily among my top tech death releases ever. There is literally no excuse not to check out this album.

  • Matt Speer

    Funny, I just listened to this album for the first time the day before this review was posted. I agree that it is amazing and probably the best Technical Death Metal album of 2011 and one of the best ever.

  • Anonymous

    I gave this one a listen, and I expected something more after this review. I think that the biggest problem for me with this band is the vocals, a mid walk between a kind of Dani Filth and a artificial death grunt vocals. For me, the vocals don’t work. I prefer something more “death”, like Necrophagist or Deadborn.

    The other big dissappoint was the production. Maybe it is a wrong opinion, as I only heard the album once (I planed to give more listens, as with the last Primal Fear album that I am starting to appreciate after several tries). It gives me the impresion of “sepparation” between the drums and the guitar and voice, like if there was nothing gluing them together (maybe it is a lack of bass, I don’t know).

  • Anonymous

    I ordered this as soon as I read about it here, and it just came in the mail. This album is fully amazing. I could not be more pleased. To me, it sounds like all the best parts of The Faceless, Yattering, and Neuraxis, with a dollop of The Black Dahlia Murder.

    The bass sound isn’t as prominent as I had anticipated based on your review, and they really sound nothing like Obscura to me. While Obscura can get quite clinical, Beyond Creation has a kind of frenetic energy that keeps me much more interested. They come so close to being chaotic, but always hold it together, and it never quite falls apart. In that sense, they feel a bit more like Gorguts, even though the actual music is quite different.

    There isn’t a single caveat here that makes me wish some element was different. The production, the vocals, the overall sound, it’s just perfect.

  • they r the band that i always want to hear and c .they r new gods