I have selected today—totally arbitrarily—to update you all on what I see as the tracks in the running for the best songs of 2012. Why today? Well, ’cause I’m looking at the list and I thought it would be a good post topic. So, here we are at this very point. If there are multiple songs from a single artists, it’s ’cause I can’t decide which of these is better—but the final list will not contain more than one song from any artist.

Dim Mak – “Between Immensity and Eternity” — The riffs in this fucking song.

The 11th Hour – “Rain on Me” — Amazing vocal parts, great feel. A perfect track from a fantastic record.

Alcest – “Faiseurs de monde” — The build in this song is amazing. Who cares if the record is underwhelming!

Swallow the Sun – “Hate Lead the Way” — The record may be a laying down, but this song I will come back to time and time again.

Spawn of Possession – “Apparition” — Technical death metal done the right way? Why yes, yes it is. Elite.

Hail Spirit Noir – “Against the Curse, We Dream” — This crazy retro, avant-garde black metal from Greece makes parliamentary neonazis ANGRY!

Anathema – “The Gathering of Clouds” — These dirty hippies make some good music. This song especially enchants me with its slow build and busy harmonies.

Gorod – “5000 at a Funeral” — Creepy intro. Amazing riffs. Awesome song.

Borknagar – “The Beauty of Dead Cities” and “Frostrite” — Can’t decide. Both so goddamned elite.

Jeff Loomis – “Surrender” (Featuring Ihsahn) — Yeah, hard to fucking fight with this song. Really goddamned elite.

Sigh – “Equale” — Ha. This song just rules. The whole record could be here. Expect me to change my mind on this one.

Diablo Swing Orchestra – “Justice for Saint Mary” — This track is just triumphant. Totally love the drama of it and the melodies and orchestra.

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  • Great picks AMG. I think I liked “Tears of the Bereaved” more than “Rain on Me”, but hey, it’s hard to go wrong with 11th Hour. I had become pretty disenchanted with Alcest, but that song is so awesome. Not a big fan of swallow the sun. 
    Oh WOW that Spawn of Possession song is good, I guess I missed that album!   Hahaha what an odd video HSN cooked up. I love that band. “The Gathering of the Clouds” sounds odd when not listened to in the context of the full album, it seems to cut off too abruptly at the end rather than segueing into the Lightning Song. Nevertheless, great song great album. TWO techdeath songs on the list? I like this trend AMG. I didn’t actually buy Urd, but on first listen, “The Beauty of Dead Cities” sounds like something that Leprous+Solefald would have cooked up together lol. I like it, and on first listen i’d put it above frostrite. Surrender is br00tal man, love it. Sigh is beyond awesome, but that’s been said a hundred times. Really like what I’m hearing from DSO, can’t wait for that album to come out.

    tl;dr great list amg!

    • We haven’t gotten do the Vintersorg record or the new Ihsahn record which has a couple of fantastic fucking songs on it. 

      • The Ihsahn record has some good stuff on it? That’s a relief, the trailer he released on facebook left me feeling rather ambivalent.

        • Yeah, not super amazing but solid. Better than the last one.

          • Zadion

             What about the new Vintersorg??? Have you gotten a copy of that, yet?

  • I like “Carved in the Wind” by Gorod a bit better but I can’t argue with the other pick. That whole fucking album is awesome, and I’m sure is going to make many best-of lists this year.

  • “Diablo String” I’m totally gonna find a way to use that one in my review

  • Zadion

     Great list! It just reminds me that there’s still a good few records from the year I need to listen to still. My list is:

    Sigh – The Transfiguration Fear
    Swallow the Sun – Night Will Forgive Us
    Borknagar – The Earthling / Frostrite
    Barren Earth – Passing of the Crimson Shadows
    Kontrust – Sock ‘n’ Doll

    I also would put the remake of “The Bard’s Song (In the Forest)” here, because it’s among the best remakes I’ve ever heard, but since it wasn’t originally released this year… eh.

  • Great list! I can’t believe someone out there even mentioned Dim Mak. That album is incredible.

  • Hah! I feel so elite after seeing your undecided vote on the two Borknagar songs! They are both amazing, agreed, but in time Frostrite grew more on me.. I guess it was because I mostly blasted the album while driving, and it felt like I was going to war with the Gods :)

    • Colin Stuart

       The whole album has really blown me away. I love every track, but if I had to pick it would be Frostrite or In a Deeper World