Turisas2013You’re probably aware that I don’t “do” news over here at AMG. News is a never-ending cycle of press releases and free advertising for labels that don’t give me nearly enough shit to justify it. But, as I am a big fan of Turisas, I thought this was of some interest. As you’re all probably aware, Turisas will be releasing their next record in 2013 with the absolutely shitty title of Turisas2013. This is not only the stupidest name for a record ever, but it’s also probably the most uncreative thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. “How fucking lazy are these guys?” I wondered angrily, “do they take us for fools?” When they released the name on their official Facebook page, some manly and charming fellow even wrote “Please tell me that “Turisas2013” is not the name of this record,” which has since garnered 117 likes and is the top comment on that post. Still, I’m a big fan, and I’ve yet to dislike a Turisas record, so I figure it deserves a chance.

Today they released the first track from this forthcoming album and it’s called “For Your Own Good.” I leave it here without comment, but I’m definitely curious on your responses. It’s not like anything I’ve heard from the band, but it’s recognizably Turisas at the same time. The fans on YouTube have given it 90 upvotes and 30 downvotes, which is about the largest percentage of negativity I’ve seen to a single in a long time. Turisas 2013Fully one quarter of fans think this song sucks. Is 2013 going to drop another giant from my list of bands that consistently put out great albums? This song, as well as a song entitled “No Good Story Ever Starts with Drinking Tea” imply that this is a possibility.

Turisas2013 is scheduled for a release date of August 26th in Europe, September 2nd in the UK and 3rd in the US. The track listing is as follows:

1. For Your Own Good
2. Ten More Miles
3. Piece by Piece
4. Into the Free
5. Run Bhang-Eater, Run!
6. Greek Fire
7. The Days Passed
8. No Good Story Ever Starts with Drinking Tea
9. We Ride Together

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  • Henrik Kindvall

    If the most boring parts from Amorphis and Sonata Arctica were to meet at a bar and touch each other on the genitals – this song would play in the background.

    • Einherjer895

      You, good sir, are a poet

      • Henrik Kindvall

        Thank you! I try my best (I was also slightly drunk when I wrote that)

  • Professor D. Grover the XIIIth

    What did I just listen to?

    • I know, right? I actually am digging it, and it was hinted at by their last record.. but still.

      • Professor D. Grover the XIIIth

        I’m not really digging it. I mean, I’ll reserve judgment until I hear the entire album, but this is not at all promising. I miss the band that made Battle Metal and The Varangian Way.

  • Slammin Rushdie

    They’ve done this “Broadway metal” thing before, and I’m kind of glad they’re exploring it more, instead of sticking with the same “metric fucktons of cheesy horns and unironic accordion” formula, now that everyone else is doing it.
    But “Turisas2013” isn’t an album title, it’s what you name the folder you’ll save all the half-assed ideas and snippets of lyrics into. (If you’re Turisas and plan on releasing an album in 2013.)

    • “But “Turisas2013″ isn’t an album title, it’s what you name the folder you’ll save all the half-assed ideas and snippets of lyrics into. (If you’re Turisas and plan on releasing an album in 2013.)” Quoted for truth.

  • KingKuranes

    I actually thought there last album was pretty bad… I know AMG loved it but it sounded like a Disney soundtrack to me.

    • I <3 Disney Soundtracks.

    • Slammin Rushdie

      You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  • I kind of dug the jam at the end, but over all, snoozefest. I am disappoint.

    • and for the record, I love Broadway stuff and its like. This just isn’t really hitting me after 3 plays. I’m hoping that the album opens the track up some more, and they change that fucking title.

  • I don’t hate it. I think it could be improved, something feels incomplete. It kind of reminds me of some later Savatage.

  • Ralph Plug

    Turisas can be utterly brilliant if they choose to, but I’m not sure about this song. It’s not bad, but it lack the punch even their more Broadway type of material had. Still, I’m cautiously optimistic for Turisas2013, even if it’s the most unimaginative album title I’ve ever heard (and it’s looking to be a rather short record as well).

    • Slammin Rushdie

      Metal Archives says 41:48.

  • Excentric_1307

    …Huh. Well… it’s got guitar parts, I guess….

  • Eryops

    ~shrug~ I’m just not a fan of the Broadway thing. Sahti Waari was the most refreshing thing Turisas ever put out. I wish they’d really embrace Finnish culture and sound like they did in that song (and Moonsorrow has shown over and over again that singing in Finn isn’t a sin). Here’s hoping for the rest of the album.

  • Chris

    I have adored everything Turisas has done so far, but this song is
    really awful. The album title is epic levels of bad as well…can’t say
    I’m terribly excited about it.

    That said, “Stand Up and Fight” took about 10 listens to really click and it’s become one of my favorites, so maybe this one will be the same.

  • Utterly confused at the song and album title. I saw these guys at Pagan Fest in 2008 and it was amazing… this is going to take awhile to compute. Or I could just ignore it I guess…

  • MeatWolf

    SUaF was a mediocre record at best and this one will probably continue with the most repulsive elements of it like The Great Escape thing. So all in all, Fintroll keep failing after Ur Jordens Djup, Ensiferum plummeted down into a shitlake with Unsung Heroes, Turisas are probably heading the same way. The hope I have left is reserved for Equilibrium, I guess. And, of course, Wintersun, but that’s not hope, that’s a certainty.

    • Slammin Rushdie

      “Fintroll keep failing after Ur Jordens Djup”
      Why do I get the feeling I’ve seen you somewhere before?

      • MeatWolf

        Maybe lies for someone, truth for me. Ur Jordens Djup was serious and good, Nifelvind was serious and bad. Blodsvept is a try of return-to-the-roots but apparently there’s no return already. Though some people may like it, I absolutely don’t, it’s the same kind of attempt as Halo of Blood.

        • Slammin Rushdie

          I’m not getting much of a “serious” vibe from tracks like Drap or Fornfamnad.

  • Madam__X

    That’s peculiar…. it starts off sounding like something out of Final Fantasy. Maybe it’ll wear on me.

  • Cary Hutchison

    It looks like a video game over. EA Sports presents: Turisas2013!

  • Slayerformayor

    Sounds like a bad Kamelot impersonation…and I goddamned love Turisas…and Kamelot.

  • Tanuki

    About 10 years ago I was put onto a Swedish band called A.C.T . I was told it was really catchy metal. This has that same wtf factor.

  • Requiem

    I remember reading studio diaries from perhaps even ‘The Varangian Way’ and Nygard seemed often to lament the amount of time and effort it was all taking. Perhaps he’s literally grown weary of the laborious, painstaking effort it took to create the detail on the earlier material. This new track sounds pretty straight up and down, and if the album’s only 41 minutes long then it really does look like they might have cut some corners. And yes, crazy titles going on here.