vader_tibi-et-igniVader has more albums than I have old socks. They’re an institution in Polish death metal and they pretty much put their homeland on the map of extreme metal (Behemoth helped a little too). Tibi Et Igni is their twelfth opus of raging death metal and much like 2011s Welcome to the Morbid Reich, it’s a fast, furious and largely unhinged affair written by old time death metal purists, for old time death metal purists while also mixing in copious thrash influences as well. This yields a sound somewhere between Blessed Are the Sick era Morbid Angel and the early works of Malevolent Creation and they take pains to keep things trve, uncomplicated and catchy. Even though they have a revamped lineup (as they seem to have on every album), they keep the classic Vader sound intact, though things are faster and more frenzied this time out. With quite a run of consistently ass kicking albums, they’re one of the few death acts that still feels fun and refreshing, despite their throwback caveman style.

Opener “Go to Hell” certainly doesn’t offer an original title, and it forces you to sit through almost two minutes of cheesy symphonic bombast before things finally erupt into thrashing rage. It’s worth the wait though because it’s so well done and there’s a big Morbid Angel vibe to the razor sharp riffing. It feels like an old friend is back in town and that friend got real heavy!

“Where Angels Weep” is faster and more insane with a huge Florida death metal sound and loads of Deicide worship. The riffs slay and flay and make it very entertaining as it veers toward almost comical extremity. The big standout is “Triumph of Death,” which is way more like an 80s thrash tune loaded with delightfully crunchy riffing and a fist in the air atmosphere. The chorus is simple and rousing and you’ll need to hit replay before it finishes.

Vader_014Other chestnuts include the slightly Amon Amarth-y battle romp on “Hexenkessel,” the large scale pomp and grandeur of “The Eye of the Abyss,” and the ginormous riffing and creepy vibe throughout “The End.” Each has a unique feel and though the songs are all quintessential Vader, they have a fair amount of individual identity.

At a lean and mean 42 minutes, Vader delivers a concise beatdown then runs off into the night leaving you to pick up the shattered pieces of your face and buttocks. A few of the songs aren’t as sharp as their dark brethren (‘Worms of Eden,” “Armada on Fire”), but none are bad or a waste of time.

Though band founder Peter is a death metal legend, I’ve never loved his vocals. He never fit my definition of what a death metal vocalist should sound like and his gruff shouting always felt too light for the music. He sounded much better on the last album though, and here he does some of his best work, sounding like David Vincent on many of the songs. He and returning guitarist Spider host a seminar on how to mass produce killer old school death and thrash riffs and they nicely balance between death and black metal concepts as they seek to tear your face off. The solos are wild fun and often surprisingly subtle, in a frantic, hyperkinetic way.

While the overall quality of Tibi Et Igni may be less than that of Welcome to the Morbid Reich, it’s still a raucous, ramshackle dose of death metal lunacy and it’s surely an entertainingly old school romp through brutal pastures (of the past). Hey, it’s a fucking Vader album, so you know exactly what you’re in for: a lead pipe lobotomy by a crew of drunken gorillas. And you thought Ivan Putsky was the Polish Hammer!

Rating: 3.5/5.0
DR: 6  |  Format Reviewed: 272 kbps MP3
Label: Nuclear Blast [EU][NA]
Websites:  |
Release Dates: EU: 2014.06.02  |   NA: 06.10.2014

  • Al Tatts

    Vader. Yes.

    • Al Tatts

      After a few listens I’m really enjoying this one. Probably more so than Morbid Reich.

  • Honest question: does anyone _really_ want a Vader lyrics video? Who fucking cares about Vader’s lyrics?

    • I should note that it’s not that I don’t like Vader. I love Vader. I just think that death metal lyrics are about the worst thing the universe has ever seen and we should probably just ignore them entirely.

      • André Snyde Lopes

        Except Death lyrics. Those are great.

        • David Rosales

          They’re OK. They’re just popular, that’s it. And they’re popular because they have a humanist and personal take rather than the impersonal, dark, occult and crude tone of most lyrics in Death Metal.

          Also, most Death fans don’t know much about Death Metal past Cannibal Corpse. Of course Death lyrics will seem great in comparison.

      • Refined-Iron Cranium

        Unless it’s Death…

      • Carlos Marrickvillian

        Lyrics in metal could be a great blog post. Who is the Shane McGowan of Metal?

      • Carlos Marrickvillian

        I’m pretty sure its not vadar…

      • David Rosales

        Have you read the lyrics on their debut album? They’re a bit messy but I like the occult (albeit obviously Lovecraft inspired) themes.

      • David Rosales

        Read At the Gates’ Lyrics in the first half of their discography. Especially on their second full-length. You may not like the music, but read the lyrics. They’re gold.

        But I have a question, what would “good lyrics” be? are you talking about the wording? the poetry? or you just don’t like what they write ABOUT?

      • Feeblejocks

        Not sure if you’re just talking about straight up death metal, in which case I wholeheartedly agree, but there are some bands – Edge of Sanity, the aforementioned Death and Atheist – who certainly write excellent lyrics that often do merit lyric videos. Just sayin’.

        • There are occasional exceptions, but by and large, death metal is a festering pile of terrible lyrics.

    • Al Tatts

      Agreed, but with the caveat that there has been a proliferation of official lyric videos over the past couple of years. They’re a nice, cheap way of promoting an album (Overkill, Prong, Clutch, Suicidal Angels, Onslaught to name a few off the top of my head).

      Should death metal bands be excluded from promoting themselves the same way? They’re all pretty crap really.

  • Jón Aldará

    Peter’s vocals too light? Perhaps on the planet of the Druhms, but in my mind, he (along with JC de Koijer) has one of the most unique and badass vocals in death metal. Slightly comical, yet always spot-on and brutal. Looking forward to more of the same enjoyable entertainment from Vader, or to quote Steel’s undying poetry: “a lead pipe lobotomy by a crew of drunken gorillas”. Bring it on!

    • Planet of the Druhms indeed.

      • Steel to Vader: “Take your stinking vocals off of me…”

    • Here’s Johnny

      comical because he has a heavy accent? maybe just a bit but his vocals bloody rule. I like death metal vocals where you can actually tell what they are saying like Pete, Dallas from Nile, Nergal and David Vincent.

  • Another year, another trusty Vader album

  • Kim Sørensen

    Ok does “Triumph of Death” remind enyone else of “Angel of Death” in some parts?

    • A bit.

    • Bogdan Niculae

      Yep. And it’s fucking awesome !

    • David Rosales

      Unfortunately, yes.

  • tomasjacobi

    Listening on Spotify now; yup, sounds like Vader all right.

    • “That sure is one Vadery Vader record.”

      • tomasjacobi

        I know. I love stating the obvious.
        It’s just hard getting really excited for something that is more or less the same as the last album. But I will give them credit for never releasing something that outright sucks and imagine the shitstorm of fanboy rage that would hit them if they dared to NOT sound like every other Vader album ever released.

  • Guest

    Just listened to this album a few times. I agree with this review to the last word.

    Apart from that, the obvious Speed Metal track (“Triumph of Death”) was pretty annoying and out-of-place. So where the Amon Amarth touches here and there (it’s like mixing two different kinds of cheeses that shouldn’t be mixed together XD). The last track was also a blunder, in my opinion. This album has enough Vader material for a really nice EP. I would have welcome that, but I dislike watered-down albums like this one…

  • David Rosales

    I agree with this review to the last word.

    Except that I personally enjoy Pete’s vocals. And I think the obvious Speed Metal track was a bad and mediocre addition. The Amon Amarth-y touches were as annoying for me, like mixing two different kind of cheeses that should not be put together. The last track was a complete blunder in a Vader album.
    Enough material here for a really solid EP, but they had to ruin it inflating it with sub-par material to complete the idiotic track-number requirements of an album…

  • Slayerformayor

    “The End” gives me a huge boner.

    • Slayerformayor

      Posting a month later does too.

    • Here’s Johnny

      Loved it too. It sounds like a Priest song except a death version, about 50 times heavier.

  • Here’s Johnny

    Did i just read this review and not see “The Eye of the Abyss” mentioned? Its
    possibly one of the best songs they have ever done.

  • Plutarch X

    Discount immediately any “definition of what a death metal vocalist should sound like.”