A new Vintersorg track has just been added over at the MySpace in its entirety! This may be the best thing that we’ve heard from Mr. V in my opinion since Visions or even Cosmic Genesis! The record comes out on the 25th in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Then on the 28th it hits the rest of Europe. April 5th it sails over the sea to the USA.

The record can (and should) be pre-ordered over at Napalm Records’ webshop!


Vintersorg - Jordpuls

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  • Netzach

    I miss the folky touch from Solens Rötter, even though my favorite album from Vintersorg is The Focusing Blur. Hard to make heads or tails of this song, to be honest. It kind of reminds me more of Cosmic Genesis more than anything else, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but feels like a step backwards… We’ll see in a few weeks.