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  • JL

    Nice review. Poorly produced album, IMO.

    Did you guys plan on reviewing the new Arena record? It’s really good.

  • This probably is one of better cover choices I’ve noticed in a long time. Good shit. Shame about the production of the album, though, it does suck… Despite good music.

  • ChrisGoner

    I seriously cannot FATHOM what the story is about the mix. It seriously sounds like someone didn’t plug their headphone jack all the way in and you’re only getting the signal in mono.

    • Garak

      That’s spot on. Don’t think I’m willing to put up with it for the music.

    • Grymm


      It’s the only thing that kept me from scoring this higher, as it’s a huge step up from Sky Swallower.

      • And it’s a god damn shame given how overall dynamic it is. But a bad mix is a bad mix is a…bad mix.

    • EntombeD

      i think what happened was in an attempt to stay hip and fashionable the band members gleefully sported their organic vegan scarves complete with ironic inverted crosses into the studio. they hang just low enough to remain sharp and give the wearer a comfortable, cozy look and maybe it’s possible that it got caught on the board and accidentally set some knobs from “Good” to “Shit”

      • cxj

        They look good. You don’t have to look like a rotten piece of shit to maintain ‘integrity.’

        • contagioned

          i agree for the most part, but the guy with the scarf is kinda overboard

          • … I like the scarf.

            The skinny jeans and the denim vest over the fake leather jacket are a bit much though.

          • contagioned

            Yeah, that’s what I think also. I just pointed him out as the scarf guy because that was most unique and notable about him.

          • cxj

            Yeah he’s got a wee bit too much going on.

    • brutal_sushi

      The Vocals sound like a really cheap PA craked to the max so it keeps red dotting.

  • Excentric_1307

    Maybe they just sent out a mono mix for review? Because of piracy or something…. ? I’m stretching here, because there’s no excuse for that sound.

    • ChrisGoner

      I’ve wondered that very thing and am hoping the truth lies there as well.

    • Andy_0

      Just bought the CD from the band last night… it really does sound that bad :(

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    The thing that has me curious that isn’t really touched on in the review is, why this? The use of her image is a big move. They’ve claimed her story but what have they done with it?

    • Grymm

      Paraphrasing from an interview, one of the guitarists found a training pic of Christa doing anti-gravity exercises and was moved by the fact that she was smiling, knowing full-well what would happen to her later. The album and cover art reflect that.

      So it’s not a direct translation of what happened on the Challenger, but rather it was inspired by events leading up to the explosion.

  • Norfair Legend

    Maybe he’s singing into a Rock Band microphone, you know, one that’s all covered in cheese, Dorito residue and possibly dropped into a glass of Mountain Dew/cheap beer on accident. Then recorded by a vintage boom box sitting on the chair across the room containing an old tape that sat out in the sun in the back widows of the car too long.

  • Dr. A.N. Grier

    Great review, Grymm! Regardless of the mix, I’m still enjoying this muchly.

  • Dr. Scorpion

    I am so late to a review by Grymm :(……………… *cries a river of tears*

  • AlphaBetaFoxface

    Anyone looking for a similar album with a decent mix, try Archivist by Archivist. I am yet to finish it as it just release but it sounds pretty good so far.

    I did not expect to have my ears ripped from my face when I pressed play on the embedded video. Holy crap

    • I finally gave myself time to hear this rec, I support it wholeheartedly.

      • AlphaBetaFoxface

        A valiant effort for a freebie!

  • *Press play on the embedded video*
    “Oh my that indeed sounds shitty, let me just…”
    *sets to HD720p*
    “I bet that’ll… huh, waddayanoe it STILL sounds shitty”

    • Grymm

      Right? Musically it’s spot-on, but mix-wise I played this through only once before needing some Advil… and it’s only a half-hour long album.

  • CyberJesus

    It’s a real shame about the mix, maybe they were going for a raw production style but this just sounds horrid.

    • Grymm

      I like raw production, but then there’s this.

  • This sounds like it could be really good. Why the fuck is the kick so muddy and loud, and the guitars so shittysounding. And the bass guitar? fuck this shit. assholes, way to ruin your own music. Goddamn hipsters probably drunk on PBR again.

    • My goodness I got the cd and the sound quality on that youtube vid was terrible. This is quite a good disc and I am glad I didnt pass it by given the shitty video sound.

      • It may have been an encoding issue on the promo files, because I heard it on Google play music and also doesn’t sounds as awful as the video.

  • Doomdeathrosh

    You know what….its a damn shame, the production here! This deserved to have been produced by Dan Swano! Great review!

  • drathbun502

    That has got to be the most embarrassing band picture I’ve ever seen. Nice Urban Outfitters scarf. Back in my day, black metal bands like Immortal didn’t even wear shirts in the snow! Now these fruits are wearing designer wannabee biker jackets and scarves on a nice day at the beach. Puke.

    • You sir are the kvltest of the kvlt, but if you ever see a true nice day at the beach it would melt you as corpsepaint on a basement without AC.

      • basenjibrian

        To be complete, the photo should show the hair of the guy on the right blowing mightily in the wind! LOL

  • Statherian

    Ugh, that mix… And it even sounds like there’s a decent production and mix buried in there, but they just decided to make it all mono and distort it all to hell. Sure, it might be it’s meant to be abrasive and a difficult listen, but should that be because the music is challenging or that it’s actually painful to listen to?

  • Id love to comment on this album, but ironically, something is wrong with my speakers. The odd thing is, if I play something else, they sound OK again. Weird…

  • Óðhinn

    Great review Grymm. I’m definitely interested in this album, and I’ll be checking it out further.

  • Nate

    As an album cover that’s an awful pic, but god dammit I want to go to space!