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  • Monsterth Goatom

    Poweful album cover, and one which recalls the spirit and shading of The Mantle’s cover.

  • I agree completely with this review. Good, but they have something that is very promising! I personally tagged them as Blackened Doom Metal and the promo people told me they are fusionists. Anyway, excellent review!

  • Hammersmith

    I love me some Agalloch and I’m still sad about them calling it quits.

  • Bart the Repairman

    If the whole album sounds like this, your rating seems a bit too gracious to me. IMO mix is the only decent thing in the embedded track. It’s going nowhere without creating any anticipation and any noticeable climax. And this trivial riffing starting at 3:25… What is this for?

  • Feytalist

    I’m a sucker for music like this. Evocative atmosphere or not, this is really good. If they can work on tightening up one or two places, they are gonna be great.

  • Antorus

    Great review! This is enjoyable but nothing too mind blowing. Agalloch is all about the buildups. This has some cool parts but I think the best Agallochcore I’ve heard so far has been Thranenkind, without any quesiton.

  • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

    Whoever wrote that “mourning has not broken” line on the front page, kudos for referencing Sabbat. (yeah, Sabbat, not “Sabbath”). I have a feeling it was Steely D

  • I didn’t even know Agalloch had disbanded. Guess I should crawl out of my cave more often.

  • Reese Burns

    Even if I wasn’t obsessed with Agalloch-core, and that beautiful cover, if still look into this one out of Ontario loyalty.

  • Col_Dax

    Dying for this kind of music, I thought I’d have to wait for for a (AFAIK not announced) new Falls of Rauros album, now that John Haughm took out the garbage. But this one should fill my needs for goosebumps in the meantime.
    Nice review, El C, but to me Kevin Hawthornes vocals distract more from the intended evocative aura of the music than the sometimes too repetitive riffing or the abrupt breaks. His vocals are just too harsh to my ears at times.
    But the potential is there, so bought it right away.

  • Meriyas

    If you’re after some good black metal, give Sojourner’s album “Empires of Ash” a go. It definitely has atmosphere, akin to Saor. Has anyone here picked it up for a review or a listen in general?