WASP_GolgothaBlackie Lawless has certainly lived an interesting life. Once the perfect target for those clucking hens in the PMRC, he embodied everything uptight suburban soccer moms hated. He looked like a glam demon, advocated the excessive use of drugs and alcohol, and his sleazy metal band wore oversized codpieces and wrote songs about fucking like a beast (I bet Tipper Gore got a secret thrill from that tune). As the years went by, Blackie mellowed as we all do and at some point he got back in touch with his Born Again Christian roots (likely around the same time he started naming his albums after biblical cities). One would think this spiritual conversion would spell doom for W.A.S.P., but no. After a six-year hiatus, the man and his band roar back with Golgotha and whether it’s the time spent away from the public or his new perspective on life, Blackie does indeed sound born again and this is the best W.A.S.P. album in a long time. Cock rocking for Jesus? Not even the Spanish Inquisition saw that one coming.

Opener “Scream” is vintage W.A.S.P. and uses the same winning mix of catchy rock and edgy hair metal that made The Crimson Idol such a triumph. It actually sounds like a song meant for that album and the chorus is so hooky, it hurts in all the right places. WaspSongs like “Last Runaway,” “Shotgun” and especially “Fallen Under” cleave close to the traditional W.A.S.P. template, rocking with darkness and nihilism while remaining very accessible. “Miss You” is the obligatory mega-smaltzy power ballad cut from the same soggy cloth as “Forever Free” and “Hold Onto My Heart.” It’s unusually emotional, effective and just might make the more sensitive among you a little weepy. There’s no shame in crying either, so if it happens send us a photo of your tear-stained face along with your name and address.

The high point comes with “Slaves to the New World Order,” which is the best song Blackie’s written in ages. It’s the brother to their classic “Murders in the New Morgue” and every bit as fiery as Blackie sings his balls off and somehow locates replacement balls to keep the magic happening. I’ve had this one on repeat for days and can’t get enough of the gritty mood and bigger than life chorus.

After a middle section where the band comes into their own with several big winners, things wind out strongly with the seven plus minute title track that manages to impress despite constant mentions of Jesus and personal salvation. Hey, this is the place where Blackie is in life and it’s just as valid as Danzig singing about strippers with bat wings and devil horns. It shouldn’t affect one’s enjoyment of the music and it doesn’t come across as preaching as much as reflecting on how he copes with the trials and tribulations of the modern world.


Blackie has always been a solid song writer and the material is particularly well written and invested with powerful performances by Blackie and his newish band. Doug Blair returns to provide some smoking fret-work and emotional solos, and he and Blackie mesh well as a guitar tandem. I can’t tell if he uses his patented “GuitarCross” guitar/bass hybrid, or if he could outdrink former axe-smith Chris Holmes at a pool party, but I can attest to the shitload of sweet harmonies and hair-raising stadium rock solos Blair delivers. The biggest shocker is Blackie’s voice, which sounds ageless and almost as powerful as it did on the band’s 1984 debut. I don’t know how much studio help he needs these days, but it’s always a pleasure to hear his raspy barks and whisky soaked croons.

In what world does Blackie sounds better than Geoff Tate while also releasing a better album than the former Queen of the Rÿche? This world, and you should be thankful for that. If you loved W.A.S.P. in your misspent youth but lost touch, it’s time to reacquaint yourself with some old friends. They may not have intercourse like animals or toss raw meat in the crowd anymore, but the music sure sounds good and oh so familiar. Welcome back to the Electric Zoo, Blackie. Stay golden Lawless!

Rating: 3.5/5.0
DR: 7 | Format Reviewed: 192 kbps mp3
Label: Napalm Records
Websites: waspnation.com | facebook.com/W.A.S.P.Nation
Releases Worldwide: October 2nd, 2015

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  • SelfIndulgence

    I use to listen to WASP a long time ago. I owned their original release
    and the saw-cut Animal single, but as they became a bit of parody I
    walked away.
    I was going to skip this one, but if Steel tells me to listen then I must obey.

    • Obey.

      • basenjibrian

        Worship TEH LAWD!

    • You wot m8?

      Don’t give in to the Druhm! Live the way you want to live!

      • [not a Dr]

        March to the beat of a different Druhm?

  • CarvedInStone

    Great to hear that W.A.S.P. are still putting out good records. The “Neon God” duality isn’t worth talking about but both “Dominator” and “Babylon” are thoroughly good records and judging by the preview songs this album is going to be good as well. Nice that some of the 80s Glam Bands still record quality music.

  • Grymm

    I’ve been enjoying this way more than the new Slayer.

    What. The. Fuck?

    • Ha!

    • sir_c

      Yeah, 2015 is in for some surprises. I also enjoyed this much more than I anticipated.

    • Iain Gleasure

      But how much do you enjoy the new Gloryhammer?

      That’s the real question.

      • I can’t say… it’s all a blur since I picked up the disc. What day is it?

    • basenjibrian

      Our Dark Lord will be displeased! Bwahahahahaha!

    • De2013

      Blackie has a passion for music.
      Slayer has a passion for €£$.
      Passion for music wins.

      • TheonetrueLee


    • Kryopsis

      What the fuck indeed. As much as I like ‘Shadow Man’ or even ‘The Last Command’, I never expected WASP to last nearly this long. Moreover, this new WASP album sounds a lot more genuine and creative than it should. This said, I am ambivalent about the Christian message. On one hand, it’s nice to hear somebody sing about something they actually believe in. On the other hand, it’s… Christianity!

  • Pimpolho

    It’s really damn good! Not as good as this review, though.

  • Chris Timbó

    I’ve written off W.A.S.P. after Helldorado, which even with Chris Holmes, failed to make any impression on me. Never listened to another song of theirs, but maybe I’ll give this a chance. But I feel I’ll never find them as addictive as they were in W.A.S.P., Headless Children and Crimson Idol. Oh, well, not many bands can claim to have written three honest-to-God brilliant albums…

    • I loathed Helldorado but later albums like Still Not Black Enough, Dominator and Babylon were actually pretty solid. This is even better.

      • Chris Timbó

        What went wrong on that Helldorado? It seemed very good on paper: Chris Holmes, a promise of balls-to-wall rock n’ roll, offensive lyrics …

        But it was soooo bad …it felt forced … I gave up on W.A.S.P. after that… Maybe it’s time to come back … I’ll give it a try because of your endorsement, good sir.

        • I think they just tried too hard to be balls out and it came across as silly, which is weird since the exact same thing worked so well on their debut.

          • Chris Timbó

            It didn’t help that all the songs sound the same. You could sing “Don’t Cry Just Suck” with the tracks from “Helldorado” and none would be the wiser….

      • Martin Knap

        I love Unholy Terror, bdw. isn’t that album the first one with Christian lyrics?

      • jageorge72

        I loved W.A.S.P. back in the Live in the Raw/Headless Children/Crimson Idol days. Still have those on cassette! Then I went totally into death metal, black metal, etc…. and never really considered buying another W.A.S.P. album….. until now. Just picked up Dominator and Golgotha. Damn!!! I can not quit listening to these. Blackie Lawless sounds fantastic, and these songs rock. The magic that made Headless & Crimson so awesome is still there. Hard to believe, but it is. After reading a bunch of reviews, I plan to buy Unholy Terror and Still Not Black Enough next.

        Can’t believe I have been underestimating/ignoring W.A.S.P. all these years. Time to fix that.

  • Robinguymn

    Has the PMRC reviewed the album? Are they even still around? Oh Tipper….where art thou….My codpiece is tingling with thoughts of righteous beastly MILF sex. Ewwww….

    • Tipper was kinda hot in an angry, judgmental way.

      • Robinguymn

        I can see her and Hillary going at it. Al? No way.

      • PanzerFistDominatrix

        You know that’s the kind of lady that deep down wants to smacked around in bed… let Blackie Lawless-types do lines off her wrinkled cheeks before some very judgmental rear passage action, no lube. Just saying…

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      The PMRC doesn’t review albums unless they receive them before release date. Just like the AMG.

  • Phil Daly

    In two minds about this one. Certainly sounds like vintage WASP, and I really want to like it, but the whole born again stuff grates. The mix of Christianity and conspiratorial lyrics is a bit too Alex Jones for me, and I can’t shake the idea it’s a deliberate ploy to tap a specific demographic. His band and he can do what he wants, but it just leaves me feeling a little queasy for some reason.

    • Is this the beginning of Infowar metal?

      • CarvedInStone

        Jones should create his own lable for this: Infowar Records! First signings include Megadeth, Iced Earth, Ted Nugent and W.A.S.P..

        • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

          Apparently he could sign High On Fire too.

        • Iced Earth is more of a Tea Party/Politically Conservative group. Libertarian, in a way. Infowars is far too nutty for even the fringe-est libertarian. :)

          • CarvedInStone

            Okay, maybe not them. But I have another one. Do you know of a called “Skull And Bones” from Brazil? They would fit perfectly.

          • No, I actually haven’t… Sounds conspiratorial based on their name. :)

          • CarvedInStone

            You should check them out. They’re the best metal band ever! Screw Sabbath, Priest and Metallica. These guys have nothing on the technical prowess (eat your heart out Steve Way, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix!), the exquisite and well researched lyrics and the superb songwriting of Skull and Bone’s mastermind and currently only member Spartacus! Also one of the finest producers around! People like Rick Rubin or Chris Tsangarides are rank amateurs compared to him! Did I mention that his vocal abilities also put the likes of Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio and Geoff Tate to shame?

            Google ” Admiral Byrd’s Expedition” and listen in awe to the magnum opus of one of the, if not THE, finest musician walking on the face of the earth! And if the sheer genius of the song didn’t cause your had to explode because of awesomeness overload check out other gems like “Fake Moon Landing”, Nazi Moon Base” or “German Flying Sacuers”. You can even listen to his entire discography of 6 full lenght albums since he uploaded them all to youtube!

            Help spread the word of Skull and Bones’ awesomeness to help Spartacus get the recognition he deserves! I swear we have the next Metallica on our hands!

          • Greg Hasbrouck

            I’m pretty sure Jon debuted a song on Jones’ show. It might of been a Sons of Liberty song. But I’m guessing Jon is a Jones fan, or why bother?

          • Yeah… there’s a little overlap because Libertarians are wary of the Federal Reserve… and so is Jones… it’s just all the other nonsense that makes Jones a wacko.

            Iced Earth still kicks ass. :)

        • Phil Daly

          Under One (False) Flag?

          That’s aged me…

          • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

            …and aged me got the reference.

      • Martin Knap


    • I generally dismiss most infowars nonsense as well, nonsense. I haven’t had a chance to listen to this whole record, but the born-again stuff doesn’t grate on me as much. Dave Mustaine has a shedload of Alex Jones conspiracy nutjob stuff when he’s interviewed or on Twitter, but Megadeth’s music is still good (and a bit conspiratorial since the beginning, I guess.)

      I am a HUGE fan of Tourniquet, and while their born-again stuff isn’t as overt, but it’s obviously there. It’s rather like King Diamond… he’s a Satanist, but the music and lyrics are good. Stryper (another example of overt Christian lyrics but in my opinion, great music) while a bit too hair-metal on some of their records, their recent release (and their pending new disc) are back to the hard-rock roots. Early Mortification was fabulously good, and pretty simplistically Christian-themed. I don’t know too many people who didn’t enjoy “Primitive Rhythm Machine” for its awesome music without being distracted by the Christian themes.

      If it becomes a one-trick pony, I suppose it could get boring after a time, but I don’t see that happening to WASP (or any other band with Christians/fronted by Christians).

      I guess the main point I ramblingly tried to make is that the politics/religion don’t bother me if the music’s good. I would be skeptical of a deliberate attempt to court the infowar-nutters by Blackie, though. I think he is more intelligent than that. I could be wrong, though.

      As a slightly off topic aside:

      What grates on me these days is the tired-old Slayer-esque Satanism (even from Slayer themselves). It’s played out. Deicide has lost its way, IMHO, from a great debut disc. Morbid Angel needs to return to “Altars of Madness” era quality… and so forth. :)

      • SelfIndulgence

        Interesting that you mention Tourniquet in a WASP review. Two former members of the original band started a band called Echo Hollow. Their last album was mixed at Blackies house in the early 2000’s.

        As for the A.J. crap. The guy is a major scam artist. He has a small fortune of close to 100 million (if his divorce papers are true) between his personal and business assets. So many people (hi Dave) get roped into that garbage.

        I think Blackie is being sincere with his lyrics and I guess time will tell, but I don’t think he’s making a fortune in sales from these albums. I haven’t listened to WASP in a long time, but I find STeelDruhm to have similar tastes to mine so I usually check out what he recommends.

        Mortification! Wow. Loved their early stuff compared to everything else that was around at that time. I still have the first two albums on CD with Scrolls of the Megilloth being one of my favorites. They got really weird after awhile and I just couldn’t listen anymore (and their album art started to resemble something from napoleon dynamite)

        Too often we see musicians bury their creativity because they are trying to fit a mold to earn a buck without being honest with themselves. The resultis the tired-old sound you mentioned that just makes you roll your eyes and wonder what happened.

        • You’re right… Mortification got nuts. But their early stuff CRUSHED.

      • Kalsten

        For me the problem is that most of the “satanic” bands (i.e. black metal bands), do not really believe in what they sing about. The same that I don’t think Blind Guardian believes in dwarves, orcs, elves and dragons. They use Satan as a cool figure, and it fits with the whole “evilness” of Metal.

        However, the Christian bands do really believe in what they sing about. They also use their music to preach and target a very specific audience. And that is really creepy. I mean, I loved “As the world bleeds” from Theocracy, it was one of the best power metal albums I listen recently, but I could live without or their religious stuff.

        • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

          Good point

        • basenjibrian

          There are Christian bands that deeply delve into the doubt and human weakness. British doomsters MY SILENT WAKE are to me fantastic, even in the lyrical content, because they are not doctrinaire and they focus on the human struggles of faith. And I say this as a strong misotheist who emails Darkspell Omega lyrics to preaching acquaintances.
          There was an over-the-top drama queen Australian doom/classical band I really liked as well-VIRGIN BLACK. Sad they had label issues??? and never released their last album.
          I think the other approach is to recognize and emphasize how fucked up at its core Christianity is. I think the dour fire and brimstone of Wovenhand actually works in the same way as dragons and SATAN SATAN SATAN. (As a Gnostic sympathizer, I think Yahweh IS Satan, but). Or, for true insanity, Finland’s Mansion is amazingly creepy and really gets at the “Ha Ha you sinners are going to burn because you didn’t listen to us and follow gentle jesus meek and mild (h/t Christopher Hitchens).

        • Well, no. But like King Diamond, he does believe, but that still doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of good music. If WASP had shitty music attached to satanic lyrics, it’d still suck. :) The fact that Blackie’s still able to crank out the good jams is the key for me. The rest falls into place as it is… Personally, the message is secondary to the music. I am not looking for spiritual guidance from King Diamond or Blackie Lawless. :)

          I suppose with the exception of Gorgoroth, and maybe Mayhem… there aren’t too many “devil worshipers” but they do hate Christianity quite vehemently. :)

          As for WASP… I’ve been a more than casual fan since The Headless Children… (a GREAT disc…) There have been some stumbles (mainly when Chris Holmes came back… Helldorado was it?) but overall, I’m happy with the music, and to me the spiritual direction isn’t so geeky that it craps all over the good music.

          • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

            I agree with you when you say that the message is secondary to the music.

            Yet for some reason the Devil has the best tunes.

            And he´s been teaching those tunes to guitar men at crossroads since before electricity. Right after introducing himself like this: pleased to meet you, hope you’ve guessed my name

      • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

        I went and listened to that “Primitive Rhythm Machine” song… Holy shit. More shit than holy, though. I would call it crappy Soulfly worship but it is older than Soulfly. Crappy Sepultura Roots era worship then?

        • Well, when Mortification was doing it, it was a bit of catchup… but listening to it now after Soulfly and Sepultura have done it for what, ages now… the song might sound stale.

          My younger self dug it… I guess it didn’t age well. (Mortification has changed styles a couple of times.) Like Paramecium did… great first album… 2nd album, direction change… not so great.

    • Martin Knap

      I got the same feeling about Blackie’s lyrics as Steel Drum when listening to Unholy Terror – it’s not preaching but it shows where the author is in life. Maybe now he added some “conspiratorial” content (like the song with “NWO” in the song title maybe), which was not present on UT as far as I can recall, so it’s getting a bit more annoying, especially the very “right-wing” combination of Christianity and conspiracy theories, but I can’t judge the lyrics myself right now.

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      The music really sounds like vintage WASP so those lyrics are more frustrating because I keep waiting for Blackie to yell at some point “I´m an animal! I fuck like a beast!!”

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    Great review as usual Druhm though I’d rather listen to Chris Holmes warbling about motorbikes, the whole christian thing is off putting for me

    • The power of Christ repels you.

      • Carlos Marrickvillian

        Falls of floaty chair

      • Hulksteraus

        *Pea soup projectile vomit*

    • Chris Holmes warbling about anything these days is just kinda sad.

  • madhare

    Holy shit (haha) that sounds good. Just like you said, “Scream” definitely has that Crimson Idol Sound.

    But just like others have already said, the high octane Jesus content is hard to swallow. Maddening really, because otherwise I would really enjoy this.

    • Firstly, High-Octane Jesus would be an amazing name for a stoner doom band.

      Nextly, who listens to W.A.S.P for the lyrics anyway?

      • madhare

        I was so tooootally wasn’t expecting anyone to make that comment . ;)

        But yeah, I can’t bring myself to completely ignore the lyrics in my music. Maybe I’m weird, but that’s me.

        Endorsing religion (be it Jesus, Satan, Santa Claus, or whatever), misogyny & violence (yes, I know, lot of bands are just on the knife edge with that), too much syrup, too much testosterone or teenage boy-stuff in other words (like most of Sabaton), just general stupidity… few other things. No. Not for me thank you. I’ve got better things to do.

        Sure, that cuts lot of “good music” from my plate, but music is a holistic thing for me. I can’t do it one-sidedly. And I don’t want to. I don’t want to use lot of energy to force myself to enjoy something while it’s actually kind of uncomfortable or even grating.

        Edit: Of course, lot of lyrics are just sort of generic and harmless/pointless. If they don’t move me in any direction, that’s fine too.

        • I would miss out on some SUPERB cheese metal if I paid attention to the lyrics. :)

          Most metal is like a candy bar. You don’t want to subsist on them, but now and then good metal music is like a Snickers when you’ve forgotten your lunch. :)

          • Maleficent

            Speak for yourself. Metal is life.

        • Maleficent

          I don’t think Golgotha is endorsing anything. Blackie is against organized religion.

      • Satyrigahl

        I listen to the lyrics but don’t take much notice to what they are saying

      • Maleficent

        I listen to W.A.S.P. for Blackie’s lyrics, I think they are great as I identify with him/his past.

    • Rob Genis

      Maddening? Son you need to open your eyes because you wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Jesus. Blackie is on point with his message and I for one am happy about it.

  • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

    I am quite sure Danzig doesn´t believe strippers with bat wings and devil horns actually exist.

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      I don’t know about that

      • Carlos Marrickvillian

        Danzig I can’t speak for, but Im pretty sure strippers with bat wings and devil horns exist.

        • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

          I would like to see those strippers you´re talking about… even if they don’t have any bat wings and devil horns.

    • No, but King Diamond believes in spirit realm and all that sort of hokum. That doesn’t mean his music is grating. In fact, it makes it pretty cool. :)

      I give WASP credit for going a different direction in the spooky category. :)

      • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

        I hadn’t seen it from that angle… You´re right, they went the spookiest way.

        • A sort of metalized fire and brimstone preaching. :)

          • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

            It won’t be long before band starts singing about bringing back the Holy Inquisition…

          • As long as you’re not Jewish. :P

          • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

            Jewish, Muslim, Witch, Catholic, didn´t matter… If your turnips grew larger than your neighbor’s you could be burnt at the stake for witchery. If you
            didn´t believe The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost were a Holy Trinity, you could be burnt at the stake for heresy.
            Let me tell you, the Holy Inquisition were equal opportunity burners.

          • The vast majority of the Inquisition was to root out Jews (first in Spain, then the rest of Europe, more or less).

            Burning at the stake, while horrid, didn’t compare to the confessional torture of the Inquisition. :) There was a helluva book on the subject (with Inquisitor tools illustrated) that really makes you wonder what kind of shrooms these dudes were on, because inventive and cruel just didn’t occur that much during the Middle Ages. It was mostly the latter…. the inventive part didn’t start until the Enlightenment. :)

            But, as religions mature, they generally mellow… with some exceptions of course. :)

          • Joe Rico

            If you think about it Islam hits as close to the inquisition day in present day. It’s WORSE if you think about it since we are in modern times. For starters It’s forbidden to listen to music. Think about THAT for a second. We could all be theoretically beheaded for listening to ANY Metal or music. For me that is more EVIL than anything the catholic church preaches. Add in the status of females in islam and their inequality in the religion along with all the innocent people killed DAILY in the name of this “religion” that want all of us that listen and perform METAL or anyone that worships “FALSE IDOLS” …..to be eliminated from this earth and we have a fresh target for modern metal music in the same manner that bands like Behemoth and Deicide target Christianity. When it comes to WASP I just pretend hes talking about a woman and it doesn’t freak me out too much since I prefer my music to NOT have any religious message. In these times we have to pick our battles since things could be ALOT worse.

          • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

            Well… as an Atheist I prefer my music to NOT have any religious message, just like you. If it has any religious message, I prefer it to be against organized religion. I guess Teenager Me is still somewhere inside the brain, throwing up the horns for Satan.
            But on the other hand I believe there is quite a bit of hypocrisy about it being OK to bash Christianity while it is politically incorrect to bash other religions because it is seem as discriminatory or even racist.

          • Joe Rico

            I get it. My point is….Islam is DANGEROUS for the entire free world. If there was any fear of Nazi world domination back in the 40’s…. well what we’re facing is 100,000 times worse. If we want to keep the free world free we need to eliminate radical/fundamental Islam before we do ANYTHING else. Even progressive Islam is 1,000 times more restrictive than Christianity is in practice.

          • [not a Dr]

            Powerwolf – We Take the Church by Storm ?

          • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

            I meant someone seriously advocating for bringing back the Inquisition. I see Powerwolf as taking the lyrical stance of representing Church hierarchy as hypocrites who are taking advantage of their ignorant followers.

  • Hulksteraus

    “every bit as fiery as Blackie sings his balls off and somehow locates replacement balls to keep the magic happening.”


  • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

    If I have to put up with stupid lyrics, I´d rather have them be about fucking like a beast. I´d rather fuck like a beast than repent-convert-preach-rinse-repeat.

  • Whoa pretty awesome. Not a big hair metal guy but I always enjoyed WASP.

  • Wow, this isn’t bad! First Queensryche comes out with a pretty good disc and now WASP?

    Also, this is probably the best execution of a lyric video Ive ever seen! Bravo! And Im not referring to the cable channel.

  • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

    Now that Blackie has converted, he could do a tour with Stryper. In fact both bands could merge! So Blackie from W.A.S.P. gets to dress like a wasp!

    • We actually have a review of the new Stryper album forthcoming so this could actually be…a thing.

      • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

        Reality is stranger than fiction…

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      That is actually a fantastic idea!

      • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

        And the Gideons could sponsor the tour!

  • Thais Munk

    Thanks for a great review. I’m really, really temped to buy this. :-)

    A quick comment! “I don’t know how much studio help he needs these days, but it’s always
    a pleasure to hear his raspy barks and whisky soaked croons.”

    I actually saw W.A.S.P. play live a while ago in Odense, Denmark (in 2009 to be precise) and I was very pleasantly surprised. They played to about 150 people tops, but they were energetic and connected very well to the audience (which consisted mostly of men in their 40s and teenage boys who’d found their fathers’ vinyl W.A.S.P. records). I had not expected that. But to respond to your comment above: I certainly hadn’t expected Blackie Lawless to sound that good live. But he kicked ass and took names like it was 1985 (which is the year I was born, btw :-)

    • I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing W.A.S.P. but Blackie always sounded great on the live cuts from their career. He has a very distinctive voice and it seems to be aging remarkably well.

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      Gotta love Blackie´s vocals. His croons are not only soaked in whisky, I believed they´re soaked in reverb too.

  • De2013

    Thank you for the great review Steel! W.A.S.P. really is one of my all time favorite bands. And although the quality of the releases from the last decade varies a lot, every record has some gems on it that make me keep listening to the band. And obviously their live performances are still solid!

  • Refined-Iron Cranium

    I didn’t know Blackie Lawless was still active. I’ve only really listened to their debut and the amazing The Crimson Idol, but for some reason I’ve never looked further into W.A.S.P.’s discography. This sounds like pretty great, wholly honest heavy metal. I’ll be giving it a good listen.

    BTW that album cover and title look more fitting to a black / death metal band. I was honestly confused at my first glance.

    • sbe

      Their first five studio albums (and the live album, Live In The Raw) are all worthwhile slabs of heavier-than-usual glammy metal. I highly recommend seeking out The Headless Children, at the very least.

  • Jeff Kent

    As an odd aside, I know a guy who bought Blackie’s house in Malibu a few years ago. He said it was decorated like your Grandma’s house with frilly curtains and lace doilies.

  • Jason Miller

    Blackie knows how to write, plain and simple….his choruses will stick in your head for days. I’ve been a fan since the first album, and have been looking forward to this album. No matter his belief, change of life, he still knows how to rock!! Great album.

  • Robert Mróz

    “as Blackie sings his balls off and somehow locates replacement balls to keep the magic happening”. This is just glorious. Steel delivers as always. One has to wonder, though, where are the low points that would justify 3.5/5. Review certainly reads more like 4.5 ;)

  • Satyrigahl

    What else can I say except that I love this new album m/

  • Maleficent

    I give this album a solid 5