AMG is 15 Years Olde!

Yes, that’s right, this little blog turns 15 today. On this very day 15 years ago, the first ever entry appeared on, as The AMG shared very important thoughts on Amorphis and, um, MySpace. It seemed like a bit of a non-event at the time and, frankly, it was. It took 11 years(!) for anyone to even comment on it. Happily though, 15 years of beefin’ with Ripper Owens and zero private equity investment later, AMG Industries has not gone the way of MySpace. In fact, thanks to a lot of hard work and some brvtal sabbaticalizings—and a few grievous errors notwithstanding—it’s become a bit of Thing (like Yer Mom). And it’s a Thing we’re quite proud of (unlike Yer Mom).

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be running a series of features in which Melvins—the living dead and the happily departed—reflect on the many grave mistakes that led them to a life of servitude, slaving in the Skull Pit. We hope yYou will join us in wishing AMG a happy 15th, and help celebrate this little corner of the internet, which we’ve carved out through being too naïve to write only positive reviews.

Remember, we’ve been judging your taste since 2009. Thou Shalt Have No Other blogs!

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