AMG Score Safety Counter Brings Hostile Workplace Suit in Federal Court

Labor law experts took notice this morning when the AMG Score Safety Counter filed suit against the premier metal blog in the Southern District of New York, alleging a shocking series of workplace violations and abuses. While only in the Score Safety Counter role since mid-December of last year, the plaintiff detailed a disturbing pattern of inappropriate overrating and rampant score inflation, as well as a hostile work environment where threats of awarding overly generous scores were commonplace.

In statements to, the Counter detailed a series of unwanted score heightening overtures, often thinly disguised as casual small talk or friendly conversation. Efforts to place boundaries between acceptable scoring and flagrant overrating were ignored and even mocked by overrating bastard coworkers, and the workplace experience was described as “a lonely, soul-killing struggle to keep AMG from becoming the next Metal Temple.”

When reached for comment, Steel Druhm, site overlord and oppressor of the masses was surprisingly forthcoming. “Look, everyone with half a brain saw this coming and frankly, I’m surprised it took this long. I hope something good comes from all this and maybe the courts can deliver the cold, impersonal steel justice these assclowns deserve. I’m probably getting ahead of myself here, but I’d be okay with a series of public executions. Depending on what the evidence shows, of course.”

Jury selection is expected to run roughly 2 months late in a case that’s sure to be a fascinating window into the interweb’s most dysfunctional hobby workplace. Stay tuned.

Top Headlines: AMG, Inc. reports several staff writers have disappeared, but it’s probably nothing suspicious.

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