Angry Metal Days 2020: COVID-19 update

Well. This fucking sucks.

As most of you are probably aware unless you literally just woke up from a 2 month coma, the summer of 2020 has effectively been cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Concerts, tours and festivals the world over have bid months of preparations and investments goodbye. Now, MetalDays has joined the fallen, as the Slovenian government has decided to keep the ban on public events in place. This is without a doubt the best move to combat the virus, as large public events have accelerated the spread of the disease before. Here in the Netherlands, the southern part of the country had big festivities just before the outbreak hit and we’re still by far the most affected part of the nation. So yes, live events are a big no-no.

That doesn’t mean that this does not suck big fat Godzilla testicles, yo. For everyone. People are dying left and right. Artists and organizers are hemorrhaging money with nothing to show for it. Their audiences are all stuck in their homes and don’t even have an epic holiday to look forward to. I recognize some of you have bigger issues than a metal festival, such as loss of income, or loved ones or yourself contracting the disease, but it’s not a competition; every aspect of this whole business just sucks all the way through. Aside from the environmental recovery. That part’s pretty cool.

This Saturday, MetalDays announced they are following in the footsteps of most other festivals and making the tickets for 2020 valid for MetalDays 2021, which takes place from July 25 til 31. They are also striving to bring back the same line-up that was planned for this year, a line-up that includes the likes of Amon Amarth, Asphyx, 1914, Wolves in the Throne Room, Clutch, Cattle Decapitation and a ton more. In effect, they are crossing off the last 0 of this edition and adding a 1 in its stead. People who can’t make it next year can donate their ticket or get a refund, but because of the financial hit these festivals are taking, the money won’t be returned until after the festival next year. It’s a shitty situation, but choosing between that and MetalDays ceasing to exist entirely, this is the preferable option.

Angry Metal Days, naturally, will move along with the festival. Everyone who’d planned to attend this year, I hope to see you all then. And this presents a window of opportunity for anyone who couldn’t make it this year but can do so next year. We would love to have you aboard! Join us at the forum here and the Discord channel here. Of course, since the majority of the tickets this year were already sold and few of those are going to donate or refund, this leaves about 2000 tickets, so expect the ticket sales window to stay open for a few months at most. As this will be the final edition of the festival at their current fantastic location in Tolmin, there is no putting it off til next year anymore if you ever want to experience the best festival locale in Europe! Tickets are available right now, so don’t faff about if you want to be part of the epic party that will be Angry Metal Days 20201!

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