Angry Metal Days 2020: Update 01

Hello everyone!

As I cannot pay the rent in the skulls of newbies, I work during the daytime for a traveling company. As such, I know that right after Christmas, people booking holidays surges. Now before you spend money on some dumbass idyllic location like the Canary Islands or Iceland, why not sweat it up with a bunch of strangers in black for a week on a field of grass in Slovenia? That’s right, bitches, it’s time for the first Angry Metal Days update!

The line-up has expanded quite a bit since the inception of the Angry Metal Days idea. The list is now too long to expand here fully, but here’s a few names to get your blood pumping that have been added in the last few months: Anthrax, Amon Amarth, 1914, Cattle Decapitation, Wormrot, Asphyx, Clutch, Napalm Death, Wolves in the Throne Room and Vulture Industries. Also, At The Gates will be playing a Slaughter of the Soul set to satisfy your mid-90’s self. Here’s a link to the full list for the lazy, but suffice to say, most of you should already find a few fun things to see, and the majority of the billing is yet to be announced!

So far we have 13 confirmed attendees, with a lot of others confirming interest. Unfortunately, no other writers have so far been able to confirm. You may boo them in the comments. Full Metal Wastecoat is the first of our regulars to have confirmed his ticket purchase, for which I praise him. Mr. Wastecoat is all the way from New Zealand, but we have people coming in from France, Germany, Spain, Belarus and the UK right now, besides my pasty Dutch ass, so we are Captain Planeting all over the place. Attendees are being kept track of on the Angry Metal Days forum. It’s still a fairly quiet place now, but expect more activity as the event draws closer and more people begin to join! Aside from the forum, we now have a shiny new public Discord server for a more accessible, offhand way of discussing this monumental event. Click here to pop in and join the fun!

New Metal Festival
A new feature of the festival is a bit of a change from before. There used to be a fee for arriving at the campsite early, but now the early arrival is wrapped into the new New Metal Festival, a sort of prelude to the festival proper, with a line-up consisting solely of promising young bands, plus Rectal Smegma and Hatesphere. This gives up-and-coming artists a chance to play on a bigger stage in front of bigger crowds, and gives visitors a neat warm-up before the festival proper kicks off. There’s only 5000 tickets and they’re a measly €25 so if you want a couple extra days of sun, metal and drunken fun for the price of two pizzas, don’t fucking sit around twiddlin’ your thumbs! Tickets can be bought here.

January 10th, MetalDays announced their 5 latest addition to the roster, and added that over 8000 tickets were sold. That means that less than 4000 tickets remain. Since the festival will likely move from its unique location after this year, sales are likely to go faster than usual. So whether you’ve been planning on coming over from the start, or decided 4.2 seconds ago, better buy those tickets right fast or you’re going to be outta luck!

So get your butts over to the forum, come give us a shout on Discord, mark the dates on your calendar in blood and sell your firstborn’s kidneys for those tickets. You know you want to. They barely even need kidneys, while you need to be at this festival, with like minded souls like us. Join us.

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