Angry Metal Guy = Bad Capitalist

Here at Angry Metal Guy, you may have noticed that refreshingly compared to the majority of other websites on the interwebs this site doesn’t have any ads. It has no targeted ads, it has no irrelevant ads, it has no ads at all. I have never set up a secretive little program with a company where I make money for promoting their products or any of that other bullshit that one regularly sees shady bloggers doing all over the place.

Personally, this Angry Metal Guy hates internet advertising and thinks it’s basically ineffective and wasteful of time and space. But apparently lots of people make lots of money off of it. However, over here at Angry Metal Guy there are other considerations. Because of this, all costs for everything come out of my pockets and that means that the budget is highly (and I mean *HIGHLY*) constrained. So now, in my “bad capitalist” fashion, I’m going to ask you, the reader, to help this Angry Metal Guy out by donating to my beer fund (which may sometimes also include paying for hosting, creating merch, and hookers, er, housing for homeless veterans). If this doesn’t work, I might have to try the advertising route. So hopefully the readership here appreciates what I do enough to donate once in a while.

Just click on the beer link and it’ll take you to PayPal. Hope you don’t think it’s too annoying, but AMG’s gotta stay afloat somehow.

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