Angry Metal Guy Liveblogs Eurovision… AGAIN!?

Oh god…

22.48 – Angry Metal Guy

Jean Luc Ricard: “This is a terrible Oasis song.”

22.45 – Angry Metal Guy


22.41 – Angry Metal Guy


22.40 – Angry Metal Guy

Oh shit. Actually, that was really cool. Awesome on Ukraine. Exploding fire  out of her head FTW!

22.39 – Angry Metal Guy

To quote @GrumpyRocker on Twitter: “Ukraine present their song ‘Fuck You Putin.’”

22.37 – Angry Metal Guy

Wow. This song is custom made for only someone from 4chan to be able to make fun of. “This is dedicated to your grandma who was deported after the war with 5 children and was starving?” Lulz.

22.35 – Angry Metal Guy

I don’t have anything funny to say about Latvia. Because Latvia isn’t funny. This song is just like a shitty Depeche Mode b-side. I kinda wanna go to bed.

22.31 – Angry Metal Guy

SO. 90s. OMFG.

22.27 – Angry Metal Guy

Is Russia’s song about world peace again? I feel like this “World peace through world domination theme” is something they should keep up.

22.25 – Angry Metal Guy

This guy didn’t get in for his voice, it was for his extremely complex shadow animals. Impressive.

22.24 – Angry Metal Guy

Sorry about the website. :(

22.20 – Angry Metal Guy


That feeling when you’re listening to Lithuania’s song…

 22.12 – Angry Metal Guy

Sorry Zack. That was uncalled for. :(

Anyway, that Cyprus song was terrible. Anything that gets anywhere close to metal in Eurovision is just sad. It’s not funny, just depressing.

22.11 – Angry Metal Guy

Zack “Friend of the Blog” Ohren?

22.10 – Angry Metal Guy

Who fucking thought that the fucking drum machine over the chorus was a good idea? Olof Mörck?

22.09 – Angry Metal Guy

So two things: for one thing, apparently all the old liveblogs are showing up below. Sorry about that. Secondly, I’m not actually prepared so I’m super not funny. But I am doing a drinking game.

EVERY SWEDISH SONG gets a drink. EVERY KEYCHANGE gets +1 drink. So, 1 key change = 1 drink. Second key change = 2 drinks. 3 key changes = 3 drinks. So. Yeah.

Also, Cyprus. Sent Manmaranthe.

22.05 – Angry Metal Guy

Dear Australia: you missed the memo. This song isn’t supposed to be good. It’s supposed to be “Eurovision.”

22.04 – Angry Metal Guy

OK. Hopefully the website is working again. Apparently it was feeling cranky about me liveblogging Eurovision… Can’t imagine why.

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