Angry Metal Guy’s Playlist August 22nd – August 29th

These last couple weeks have been pretty crazy for this Angry Metal Guy. I’ve moved south from the fair city of UmeÃ¥, to the much bigger (and arguably fairer) city of Uppsala. While I miss Norrland, I do have to say that I’m quite enjoying certain aspects of the student culture in the city of Uppsala.  I haven’t had a lot of music time, but here’s some of what I’ve been listening to in the last week.

Weekly suggestion: Guilt MachineOn This Perfect Day — Yeah, this record was seriously solid and I strongly suggest you pick it up.

The Black Dahlia MurderDeflorate — Oh, this is good. I wasn’t super impressed with Nocturnal, so I’m pleased. Watch for a review coming soon.
GwyllionThe Edge of All I Know — Definitely heard better, but a pretty alright record. Good vocals.
Insomnium – Across the Dark — Watch for this review. Out on the 7th of September in Europe.
IsisWavering Radiant — These guys are ridiculously overrated.
HavokBurn — See the review. Great fucking riffs.
Amorphis – Skyforger — Best album of 2009? So far.
Anaal NathrakhThe Constellation of the Black Widow — \m/
PropagandhiSupporting Caste — It ain’t the glory days, but these guys are still the smartest political band around.
MardukRom 5:12 — I’m getting psyched for the new record, are you?
FalkenbachOk Nefna Tysvar Ty — Excellent viking/folk metal record.. addictive melodies.
The Dear HunterAct III: Life and Death — Excellent.
Amon AmarthLive in Bochum 30/12/08 — Seriously, worth buying the reissue for this live record.

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