Angry Metal Primer – Benighted

Over 40 years of metal’s biological urge (and a hefty lack of restraint) has resulted in some incomprehensibly large catalogs. No one should have to listen to anywhere from 13 to 15 [Luca Turilli’s] Rhapsody [of Fire] albums just to get caught up for a new release. So each week (as required and/or able), we’re offering a selection of prime(r)(er) cuts to get you up to speed. Without further ado, welcome to…

“Ever since I came across their masterful 2011 album Asylum Cave, a career highlight and modern classic, I’ve developed into something of a Benighted fanboy. Something just really speaks to me about their gleefully violent and insanely addictive blend of brutal deathgrind; a dynamic combination of technicality, sick grooves, and killer riffs, plus the bonus of possessing one of extreme metal’s most underrated and versatile vocalists in their ranks. Consistency has been another career standout, demonstrated most recently with 2017’s cutthroat Necrobreed album.

Following several solid early albums, the band truly began to harness their talents and refine their signature formula on 2006’s Identisick and its quickfire 2007 follow-up, Icon. However, it was 2011’s brilliant aforementioned Asylum Cave that would prove a career-defining album. Now the French crackpots are set to unleash their ninth LP, Obscene Repressed.  So what better time to become acquainted, or reacquainted, with a particularly brutal primer amid these crazy times?”

– L. Saunders

  • Insane Cephalic Production (2004)
    – “Stay Brutal”
    – “Phlebotomized”
  • Identisick (2006)
    – “Collapse”
    – “Ransack the Soul”
    – “Mourning Affliction”
  • Icon (2007)
    – “Slut”
    – “Forsaken”
    – “Icon”
  • Asylum Cave (2011)
    – “Let the Blood Spill Between More Broken Teeth”
    – “Prey”
    – “Unborn Infected Children”
  • Carnivore Sublime (2014)
    – “Spit”
    – “Defiled Purity”
    – “Collection of Dead Portraits”
  • Necrobreed (2017)
    – “Leatherface”
    – “Cum with Disgust”
    – “Forgive Me Father”

Benighted’s ninth album Obscene Repressed will be released on April 10th worldwide via Season of Mist.

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