Angry Metal Primer – Cattle Decapitation

Over 40 years of metal’s biological urge (and a hefty lack of restraint) has resulted in some incomprehensibly large catalogs. No one should have to listen to anywhere from 13 to 15 [Luca Turilli’s] Rhapsody [of Fire] albums just to get caught up for a new release. So each week (as required and/or able), we’re offering a selection of prime(r)(er) cuts to get you up to speed. Without further ado, welcome to…

“From their grisly origins in goregrind to their current set of genre-defying extreme albums, Cattle Decapitation have always been both provocative and purposeful. While crusading against the meat industry, animal testing, environmental destruction or transphobia, Travis Ryan’s stomach-turning lyrics often take to extremes of irony to turn abstract, far-away injustice into a personal danger. But the band climbed a long way to the top of their current soapbox. A slow process of hybridization and invention has seen the core of the band—Vocalist Travis Ryan and guitarist Josh Elmore—mix grindcore, brutal death metal, and black metal into an extremely technical progressive, and above all vulgar style of extreme metal that’s instantly recognizable. With their 2012 record Monolith of Inhumanity, Ryan supplemented his already formidable repertoire with a melodic screaming style that somehow increased the band’s accessibility and brutality at the same time, and two albums later the band are still at it. Their new record, Death Atlas, drops November 29th.”


  • Human Jerky EP, 1999
    – “Constipation Camp”
    – “Stench from the Dumpster”
  • Homovore, 2000
    – “Headcheese”
    – “Colostomy Jigsaw Puzzle”
  • To Serve Man, 2002
    – “Everyone Deserves to Die”
    – “To Serve Man”
  • Humanure, 2004
    – “Humanure”
    – “Cloacula: The Anthropophagic Copromantik”
  • Karma.Bloody.Karma, 2006
    – “Unintelligent Design”
    – “Alone at the Landfill”
  • The Harvest Floor, 2009
    – “We Are Horrible People”
    – “The Ripe Beneath the Rind”
  • Monolith of Inhumanity, 2012
    – “Dead Set on Suicide”
    – “Gristle Licker”
    – “Forced Gender Reassignment”
  • The Anthropocene Extinction, 2015
    – “The Prophets of Loss”
    – “Not Suitable for Life”
    – “Manufactured Extinct”

We’re all about equality at AMG Inc. Our legal department says we have to be, and it keeps the bowels of this place running smoothly. One person gets a playlist, then everyone wants a one, and soon there’s blood in the water cooler. So have it your way, animals. Everyone gets a playlist. An oh so brief playlist. Trust me, it’s for the best. 

Today’s chapter: An AMG 2.5 Is Worth A Thousand MetalWani 99s.

  • Steel Druhm
    Steel Prophet – “The God Machine”
    Ereb Altor – “With Fire in My Heart”
  • Dr. Wvrm
    Firespawn – “Abominate”
    Soilwork – “Witan”
  • Grymm
    Anaal Nathrakh – “Obscene as Cancer”
    Rotting Christ – “Elthe Kyrie”
  • El Cuervo
    Sandess – “London”
    Finsterforst – “Mach Dich Frei!”
  • GardensTale
    Anthrocene – “Spirit of the Maelstrom”
    Iron Fire – “Final Warning”
  • TheKenWord
    Mirror – “Black Magic Tower”
    Black Passage – “Tables Turn”
  • Cherd
    A Secret Revealed – “Old Ghosts”
    HEX – “Where Gods Shall Not Reign”
  • Holdeneye
    Bloody Times – “Die in a Hole”
    Brand of Sacrifice – “Divinity”

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