Are you Angry, Metal and Want to Write About It?

angry-typewriterThe time has come once again to make like Countess Bathory and pour virgin blood into our esteemed writing and reviewing pool. Yes, AMG Industries and Blogworks, Ltd. needs more grist for the writing mill and that means you get a chance to be judged, demeaned and devalued for your hard work while simultaneously having all your hopes and dreams tossed in the Dumpster of Destiny.

Think you’re up to the challenge of working for free? Do you have what it takes to write about music and/or dance about architecture? Can you take criticism without trying to frag or flay our draconian editorial staff? Do you enjoy hazing, backstabbing and inter-office politics that would make Machiavelli shudder? If you answered  “yes” to any of these probing questions, you just might be dumb enough to join the Angry Metal movement.

Here are the rules, regulations and disclaimers to guide you in your dubious quest for AMG acceptance:

1. Select any metal album you don’t totally love or fully hate and write a review thereof no longer than 700 words.

2. Prepare a separate biographical paragraph that includes the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • Writing experience, if any (including samples)
  • Musical preferences (i.e. death, black, doom, power, etc.)
  • Realistic assessment of free time available to work on assignments.

3. Send both the above to [email protected] within the next 2 weeks.

4. Patiently await consideration without harassing the AMG staff or adding to the already excessive hate mail quotient.

Ideally, we want people who can generate 1 review per week. Prior reviewing experience is certainly helpful, but not required. However, we do require a fanatical love of all things metal and an above-average knowledge base in said metal. If you listened to Limp Bizkit in the past 2 years, you need not apply and should be ashamed.


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