Angry Metal Guy’s Best Records o’ the Year 2012 – Halfway Point

Angry Metal LisaWe’re now into July! Impressive as it is, this year has been one hell of a year: like the year 2011 was supposed to have been but really, really wasn’t. On a personal note, I can say that I wasn’t expecting 2012 to be good at all. However, there haven’t even really been any major disappointments up to this point (aside from Nile). Instead, there have been a lot of awesome surprises and I’ve really been enjoying it all. So here’s a few records that I think are the best so far this year. They are in no particular order and will get no real write up. Instead, you are encouraged to read the list and think “Yeah, Angry Metal Guy, your taste is superb. No really, kings and oligarchs have nothing on you at all. Seriously, you are the best. Here, let me wash your feet while I listen to you talk about some things.”

  • Dodecahedron // Dodecahedron — Holy shit.
  • Agalloch // Faustian Echoes — Best 21 minute song ever.
  • Borknagar // Urd — Best record this band has put out in ages.
  • Gorod // A Perfect Absolution — Probably my tech death record o’ the year.
  • Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody // Ascending to Infinity — Movie voice aside, a fantastic record.
  • Sabaton // Carolus Rex — Men bara på svenska.
  • Sigh // In Somniphobia — Still in love with this record.
  • Vintersorg // Orkan— What can I say? “Ur stjärnstoft är vi komna” is amazing.
  • Wildernessking // Writing of Gods in the Sand — Yes, yes, yes.
  • The 11th Hour // Lacrima Mortis — Still so good.
  • Anathema // Weather Systems — I’m SO going to see these guys for the first time in September!
  • Be’lakor // Of Breath and Bone — So good, still a bit long. Maybe a long shot.
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra // Pandora’s PiñataZOMG.
  • Hail Spirit Noir // Pneuma — A late addition, but hard to imagine I forgot it!

And nominations for the best song of the year stand as follows (hell, here’s a Spotify playlist to check out of it):

  • Dim Mak // “Between Immensity and Eternity”
  • The 11th Hour // “Rain on Me”
  • Alcest // “Faiseurs de monde”
  • Swallow the Sun // “Hate, Lead the Way”
  • Spawn of Possession // “Apparition”
  • Hail Spirit Noir // “Against the Curse, We Dream”
  • Anathema // “The Gathering of Clouds”
  • Gorod // “Sailing into the Earth”
  • Borknagar // “Frostrite”
  • Jeff Loomis // “Surrender”
  • Diablo Swing Orchestra // “Justice for Saint Mary”
  • Sigh // “Equale”
  • Vintersorg // “Ur stjärnstoft är vi komna”
  • Rhapsody // “Tormento e Passione”
  • Nile // “Supreme Humanism of Meglomania”
  • Agalloch // “Faustian Echoes”
  • Arjen Anthony Lucassen // “Our Imperfect Race”
  • Tenacious D // “The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage”
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