Bonginator – The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot Review


Whether you dread the stock report, the job search, the general grind of hand-to-mouth life, times are tough. That’s why we here at AMG are announcing that we’ve decided to turn a new leaf to assist with a different kind of grind. In need of hip flower? Look no further than our direct-to-consumer weed delivery platform Angry Marijuana Guy, a service sure to fall into favor with ganja socialites and herbaceous intellectuals everywhere. For this launch on the most apt of days—that’s 4/20 for us of the brutish month-day persuasion—I, Dank Dolph, have three limited edition hybrids to present to you inspired by the munchie-fueled machinations of the like-minded Massachusetts act Bonginator. Having blown sticky to the scene one year ago with their EP The 1986 Doink City Massacre, this debut full-length The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot takes the high concept, low brow execution of reefer riff death metal a few steps further. Clear your calendar cause these cosmic cannabis connoisseurs come in, like, peace… dude. 

Hacked Up for BarbeBlue: Goregrind at heart, Gorebong delivers musky musings well-pruned for cock-gobbling (“Zombie Party Rockers”) and ass-pounding (“Fucking the Wounds”) festivities. Of course, your natural state of mind likely isn’t addled enough for the sudden interjections of slowness that churn “From the Ashtray,” nor is your body relaxed enough for the demands of anal plug insertion (“Ritualistic Marijuana-Related Anal Defilement”). As such, we whole-heartedly approach Gorebong initially with this relaxing Blue Dream spin-off (named after the true goremeisters, Mortician) to ensure that jarring shifts that Bonginator presents in this 48-minute pummeling go by smooth as new glass. With a snare that’s seemingly all rim, a bass that’s scooped within an inch of its muffled boom, and garish 80s-inspired synth shimmers, Gorebong assaults the senses on many levels. We’re here to help.

BlabberDaddy Purp: Gorebong presents a nuanced story about the future dystopia where marijuana has gone extinct, so a weed-loving astronaut must venture to Jupiter to re-cultivate it (“Intro”). Distinct from the snappy smokeouts of Bodybox or Snuffed on Sight, we choose to honor Bonginator‘s hot-boxed logorrheic narrative with this attention-enhancing Grandaddy Purp offshoot to enliven moments of the main character’s bowel distress (“420lb Poop”) and commitment to marijuana consumption (“From the Ashtray”). The title alone to “Ritualistic Marijuana-Related Anal Defilement” bubbles enough words to prompt prolix paranoia, which grows as mic maestro Erik Thorstenn spits in a slam rap fashion his rectal fixations.1 In our own commitment to quality, we’ve also tested this special flower to ensure that the graphic, chainsaw-filled conclusion maintains a palpable schmaltz in its pulpy prose (“Chopped 2 Pieces”). Bonginator has more tongue-in-cheek than a Catholic priest with a fresh lineup—pop a little Purp to round out the flavor.

Alien Shitstorm: Descendant of the mighty Rattlesnake OG, Alien Shitstorm exists to knock you into a spasming diaphragm submission, especially with a heavy-handed roll or a lift-off-tight pack. If loaded tokes alone don’t leave you gasping, your newfound sense of purpose will when skanky shouts of “are you a mother fucking astronaut who smokes weed” (“Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot”) shake your consciousness—you can answer with full conviction “YES.” Other moments where mantras of “butt squirt… stinky poo poo mess” (“420lb poop”) and “it makes babies/infected with rabies” (“It Makes Babies”) pepper chunky, tempo-jostled situations can feel equally painfully humored, but this strain stands ready to evacuate your senses. Bonginator‘s giggle-fisted vignettes land with riffs of serviceable quality and occasional flair, but for the moments where buzz and bustle need assistance (“Blunt Smoke Suffocation,” “From the Ashtray”) a little numbing from this reliable bud will set the tone nicely.

This joint venture will undoubtedly land with its target audience—Bonginator comes fresh to the scene with weed-fueled, rainbow gore ideas that ring choice in concept, at least. In this style of shaggy, scrappy death metal, Gorebong aims higher than it executes, but a puff of charisma and levity keeps me from writing off Bonginator completely—this is one fun band. Somewhere between the resin-stained nonsense of Gorepot and the seriously unserious hazings of Cannabis Corpse, this young act threatens a good time. And with our nifty nugs of assistance, you might find a few reasons to re-veg on Gorebong—but only a few. Feasting on the whole affair, unfortunately, leaves me with a curious and furious case of cotton mouth. Time is the only real cure, and Bonginator has that on their side.

Rating: 42.0/695.0
DR: 5 | Format Reviewed: 192 kbps mp3
Label: Barbaric Brutality
Websites: |
Releases Worldwide: April 20th, 2023

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  1. Also a method of transporting things discretely.
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