Metsatöll – Äio Review

Metsatöll // Äio Rating: 3.5/5.0 —Entertaining even though we haven’t a clue what’s going on, good sign! Label: Spinefarm Websites: metsatoll.ee | myspace.com/metsatoll Release Dates: EU: 03.03.2010 | US: ? That Metsatöll even exists is actually a great surprise. We had no idea! Seriously, not even a little bit of an idea. Turns out, they’ve […]

Kalmah – 12 Gauge Review

Kalmah – 12 Gauge Review

It’s hard to imagine a modern metal without Finnish bands, isn’t it? These guys have been pushing the scene forward for quite a while after having burst onto it with such a forceful manner a decade (or more) ago. One of the bands that has been sadly overlooked in this process has been Kalmah. These guys, while popular, have often taken a back seat to bands like Ensiferum and Children of Bodom in the international scene. This is a shame, because at least The Black Waltz put everything that Children of Bodom ever put out to shame and they make some of the later Ensiferum stuff look pretty weak, as well. While For the Revolution was a pretty big letdown for many fans, Kalmah has returned in 2010 with a scorcher called 12 Gauge.

Ensiferum – New Album Details Confirmed!

Awww, yeah.  I’m totally fucking stoked.  According to Ensiferum’s myspace page, the band has confirmed some details and we’re going to be getting a new record in September!  So, uh, yeah.. Also, for you Americans who read this thing—these guys are touring the states: GO SEE THEM. Finnish folk metallers ENSIFERUM have set “From Afar” […]