Crucifyre – Infernal Earthly Divine Review

Crucifyre // Infernal Earthly Divine
Rating: 3.5/5.0 —Wictory and death!”
Label: Pulverised Records
Release Dates: EU: 17.01.2011 | US: Unknown

The late 2000s have seen a resurrection of the old school Swedish death metal that Sweden became so well known for in the underground before the Gothenburg sound took the world by storm. In the last year we’ve had releases by tons of bands waving the flag of true Swedish death metal, and it’s been fun as hell to hear! Crucifyre is another band that is doing something that I would definitely not describe as new, but something I would describe as ultimately ridiculously entertaining and worth a listen if for no other reason than to experience this “all star group’s” vision of the old school.

Crucifyre plays what I would call blackened death metal, but we’re not talking Belphegor here. Instead, I’m referring to old school kinds of black metal like Celtic Frost or Bathory. This stuff has a lot more in common with thrash than with Behemoth, in my opinion. And that’s what closes the loop when it comes to Swedish death metal as well. Crucifyre has undeniable death metal roots in Possessed and Unleashed, as well. Throw those together, with some old school Venomesque lyrics and you get the undeniably enjoyable joy ride that is Infernal Earthly Divine.

Infernal Earthly Divine isn’t all fun and games, though, the music at times, while melodic and energetic, can also be serious and atmospheric. Because of the Satanic themes that the band doesn’t shy away from at all, there are all sorts of references to rituals and sacrifices giving the record a bit of a creepy feeling at times which sits pretty well with me. However, unlike a band like Watain where you really buy into their evil, these guys seem like they’ve just had a few beers and are screaming “Hail Satan!” into a microphone to offend ‘religious feelings’ (as they would say in Poland). Again, think Venom.

Ultimately, though, Infernal Earthly Divine is a very good record. The riffs are memorable, the melodies are great, I love the production, which is very old school, and the songs are hooky in a way that a lot of death metal lacks. Fans of this kind of style will eat this up and be happy for it. And I’m hoping that these guys will hop on a tour with Interment and Entrails and wander through Sweden rockin’ everyone with their old school sentiments. It’s been a while since there’s been a tour like that here.

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