Darkest Era – Gods and Origins EP Review

Darkest Era_Gods and OriginsDarkest Era came out of left field in 2014 with a righteous album that stormed my playlists and ultimately became my Album o’ the Year. Their blend of Celtic folk, black and epic metal left me highly impressed and wanting much more. While another full-length is a ways off, they’re dropping a two-song limited edition vinyl EP titled Gods and Origins to celebrate the ten year anniversary of guitarists Ade Mulgrew and Sarah Wieghell playing together.

In honor of the occasion they took one of the first songs the pair ever wrote together (“An Daga”) and reworked it to fit the band’s current style. It’s a rousing little ditty too, full of galloping old school metal spirit like Argus or Visigoth. It’s straight-forward and uncomplicated but definitely has that fist-in-the-air charm old timers like myself crave, and Krum’s vocals inject just enough Primordial influence to give it added credibility. It isn’t on par with the stunningly epic numbers on Severance, but it’s quite enjoyable nonetheless.

“Elohim” is a stripped down folksy ballad with acoustic guitars and a soulful performance from Krum. It’s similar to the works of Falkenbach and Primordial but more accessible. Moody and mellow, it’s less mighty and rabble rousing than their usual fare but still solid.

Darkest Era_2015

Since this is intended primarily as a vinyl release, they made sure it sounded great. The mix is good and everything sounds full and clear without being too clean.

With only two songs and a run-time under eight minutes, there isn’t much to sink the metal incisors of i-ruhn into, so an actual rating is pointless. As a teaser for more Darkest Era material however, this does exactly what it’s supposed to – I’m now even more annoyingly anxious to get another album from these folks. If you haven’t yet heard this band, stop screwing around and check them out toot sweet! I’m looking forward to great things in the future.

Rating: Too short to report
DR: 9 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: Cruz Del Sur
Websites: darkestera.net | facebook.com/darkestera
Releases Worldwide: November 20th, 2015

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