Dawn of Demise – Into the Depths of Veracity Review

Dawn of Demise are the death metal equivalent of comfort food; they’re high in calories, addictive and provide an unhealthy dose of tasty goodness that proves difficult to resist. The Danish veterans have been plugging away with their beefy, groove-laced brutal death formula for well over a decade. And while they may struggle to hit truly great heights, I’m always eager to dive into the thick, gooey depths of their simple and bludgeoning formula. Fifth album Into the Depths of Veracity largely offers more of the same as a follow-up to 2016’s solid The Suffering LP. With their distinct sound firmly cemented in place, can Dawn of Demise lift their game to sustain longer term interest and satisfaction?

Although they could easily be accused of playing it too safe and sacrificing an air of adventure or reinvention, frankly Dawn of Demise could give two fucks. And as long as they continue delivering the brutish and infectious grooves, along with a reliable supply of meaty riffs, I’ll be happy. And in this regard, Dawn of Demise don’t disappoint. Into the Depths of Veracity feels like a step up from The Suffering in most respects, featuring a wider array of tempo variations, hookier song-writing and improved production. Otherwise, Dawn of Demise deliver what listeners have come to expect; sick riffs, brutal low growls, bowel loosening heaviness, tons of groove, and bouts of blasty, pick-me-up aggression. The more evenly dispersed double bass barrages and thrashier clips adds further weight when the trademark, New York styled slamming grooves take hold and ram your head into the gutter. Dying Fetus, Suffocation and Internal Bleeding spring to mind as influences, albeit in a more straightforward form, but Dawn of Demise have long established their own identity.

“A Belated Abortion” is a fairly basic, stock standard opener, but the real fun begins on the wickedly groovy stomps and brutal death hammer blows of “Collapse,” setting the album into its lumbering, pulverizing motion. As usual the bread and butter of the Dawn of Demise experience remains centered around their penchant for groovy and often slightly off kilter beatdowns, but it’s not to discount the other aspects of the band’s repertoire. Dawn of Demise are a tight and cohesive unit, the riffage is solid, and the songs feature enough zingy bursts of blast beats, tempo shifts, and strands of melody to stave off monotony. Quality cuts such as “Enraged,” the title track and “The Exaltation” offer carnivorous slabs of steamrolling groove and seriously weighty riffs. Overall there’s greater urgency, stronger riffs and catchier writing throughout Into the Depths of Veracity, lending the album improved staying power. The later album one-two punch of “The Permanent Cessation” and “The Ravishment of Carrion” offers higher energy forays, breaking the shackles of the album’s predominantly mid-paced rumble. Meanwhile the boisterous, groovy drum patterns of Bastian Thusgaard (Soilwork) and sick, two toned growl of powerhouse frontman Scott Jensen are crucial rhythmic pillars.

I never thought I’d be gushing about the production values on a Dawn of Demise album. Yet here we are. Into the Depths of Veracity boasts a seriously awesome sound, combining crisp, burly tones into a vibrant, dynamic sonic platform. The only minor quibble is that the bass could stand to be cranked a little more. Otherwise the album is a pure pleasure to listen to, especially with the aid of good quality cans to feel the full, dynamic force and crushing heaviness on display. Into the Depths of Veracity’s duration is fairly compact, though a couple of the 12 tracks could have been shaved to condense the package into a leaner, meaner whole. When all is said and done Dawn of Demise offer few surprises. However, Into the Depths of Veracity is a more dynamically written album than its predecessor and I’ve been compelled to keep coming back.

The likes of Venom Prison and Gomorrah already set incredibly high standards for death metal in 2019, with a compelling and innovative approach to their respective crafts. However, sometimes the mood and heart craves something a little more low brow, headbangable and downright fun. The ever dependable Danes dish up the chunky goods again with a typically punishing and reliably solid offering, featuring a more inspired and diverse take on their brutal, uncompromising formula.

Rating: 3.5/5.0
DR: 9 | Format Reviewed: 1411 kbps
Label: Unique Leader Records
Websites: dawnofdemise.bandcamp.com | facebook.com/officialdawnofdemise
Releases Worldwide: April 19th, 2019

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