Daze of June – Heart of Silver Review

Daze of June - Heart of Silver 01Dear Customer,

Thank you for registering your interest for the Daze of June Heart of Silver Situational Response Kit. Here at Anodyne Metalcore Industries™ we pride ourselves on delivering products that are designed for any delicate occasion in need of a solution. Below you will find a number of scenarios that outline the efficacy of our product. With its polished delivery and muted dynamics, Daze of June Heart of Silver can be counted on when a calming, neutered experience is called for, no matter how fragile the circumstances. Be assured that this Danish-made item is professionally engineered and focus-tested to give you exactly what you expect with no surprises or unwanted excitement.

Thanks again!

The Anodyne Metalcore Industries™ team.

Table of Contents:

  1. Applicable scenarios

2. Liability

3. Conclusion

Applicable scenarios


Surgery can be a time of great trauma. Any patient opting to undergo a procedure is not only facing a potentially long convalescence but also the prospect of financial and familial stress. A calm recuperation is needed and there’s no better way to recover than with the sweet, restrained chords of “June.” Sensitive patients with a timorous constitution will delight in the bland hooks, elegiac vocals, and inconsequential riffs. Be wary of inferior products like Converge, Botch, and Cave In that are exciting, wild and intimidating. In no way can they compete with the reassuring insipidness of Daze of June Heart of Silver.


Children are our treasure but while we may admire their care-free zest for life we know the many hazards they face out in the world. Anxious parents can breathe a sigh of relief because “Two Suns” has been independently accredited with an industry-leading 5-Star safety rating, ensuring your precious angels never come to harm. The restrained crescendos are well within standard tolerances and the alternating screamo/clean vocals are buffered by a commercial shell. There’s no risk of a nasty incident as every dangerous edge has been filed down, every menacing trait excised.


Conjuring numbers, second-guessing weather, scrying for the next big trend; it’s not easy forecasting for what the future will bring. Get it right and not only can you boast about being the one who called “it” first but there is also the potential for lucrative gain. Get it wrong and you face the loss of respect from your contemporaries along with the possibility of a moribund career. There’s no room for guesswork with Daze of June Heart of Silver as every chord, every breakdown glides along a production line of predictability. You just know that the staccato riffing on “Heart of Silver” will be followed by coarse bellowing and then chased by ascending cleans. No leaving things to chance here.


In today’s 24-hour news cycle, any slip-up, off-color comment or definitive opinion can and will be used against you, lingering in the public consciousness like a foul odor. This necessitates the ability to talk a lot without saying anything, to have no discernible stance and when pressed, to obfuscate to the point of unintelligibility. To this end, Daze of June Heart of Silver has been crafted with no distinct personality of its own. “Too Many Epiphanies” and “It Stays” are indistinct and non-committal, a blithe statement free of any character whatsoever.

Daze of June - Heart of Silver 02


While Anodyne Metalcore Industries™ has done its best to limit any aspect of Daze of June Heart of Silver that could be construed as excitable, we cannot guarantee that some small aspects of the product may cause a heightened, positive reaction. For more information please refer to the Terms of Use.


By now you can see just how versatile our latest Situational Response Kit is. Though Daze of June Heart of Silver may be new we have made sure that every facet of has been buffed to a commercial luster, leaving no doubt to its practical viability. For those of you needing a safe, predictable tool that won’t ruffle a feather, then look no further.

Rating: 1.5/5.0
DR: 6 | Format Reviewed: 192 kbps mp3
Label: Prime Collective
Website: facebook.com/dazeofjune
Releases Worldwide: March 23rd, 2018

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