Dethklok – Dethalbum III Review

Dethklok // Dethalbum III
Rating: 4.5/5.0 — The world’s 7th largest economy will get bigger!
Actual Label: Williams Street Records
Fictional Label: Crystal Mountain Records
Websites: | myspace
Release Date: Out worldwide 10.16.2012

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Dethklok kicks cock.

Kick-cock, kick-cock.

‘Cos Dethklok ran out,

Of asses to clout.

—Sir Maideemup (13:48 – 13:49), “The Art of Dethcockery”

Hold ye horses, peasants! The world’s most brutal animated musicians are back to slay avid metal fans and wreck mayhem across Earth’s face with their third studio album, Dethalbum III. Nathan Explosion (Vocalist, actual member: Brendon Small), Skwisgaar Skwigelf (Lead guitarist, actual member: Brendon Small), Toki Wartooth (Rhythm guitarist, actual member: Brendon Small), William Murderface (Bassist, actual member: Bryan Beller) and Pickles (Drummer, actual member: Gene Hoglan) are back with more tunes to explode speakers with. Everyone will turn into battle-hungry Vikings once again. FOR ODIN!!!

Actually, this album doesn’t have strong references to Nordic culture and Norse mythology, unlike The Dethalbum and Dethalbum II. With the exception of the eleventh track, which is titled “The Hammer” (possibly a reference to Thor… duh!), all of the other tracks have titles that seem to suggest a lyrical theme that is either about the cosmos or the ancient Greek spirit of going against the gods’ wishes.

“Andromeda”, “The Galaxy”, “Impeach God” and “Skyhunter” conjure mental images of outer-space and dudes with ripped bodies bringing down sea monsters and aerial beings. Fittingly, these four tracks sound like what their names suggest. “Andromeda” is a headbanger that gallops along at a mean pace, causing your mind’s theater to play out that scene of Perseus slaying the Kraken like a motherfornicator. “The Galaxy” is a mid-paced and introspective number, with vibrato being constantly applied to the guitar parts to great melancholic effect. “Impeach God” is a 3½–minutes-long, deity-defying battlecry with consistent drumming that provides the adrenaline rush required for rushing headlong into an inter-being skirmish. Finally, “Skyhunter” is a spiritually-rousing, angry number that psychological preps you up for hounding skybound game.

While Explosion’s vocals are still one-dimensional and consists of him merely utilizing death growls throughout the album, Dethklok is one of those rare bands with an image, sense of humor and chosen musical style that actually accomodates such an otherwise utterly boring vocal style.

Stereotypical brutal image? Check. Does the band behave in funny ways due to stereotypical brutal image? Yes. Groovy, melodic death metal with silly lyrical themes? Hell, yes! Check out the cumtastic and fiery first track, “I Ejaculate Fire”! It would be hard to imagine Dethklok’s music sounding as excellent as it does on this record if sterile, melodic clean singing was included . Nay, peasants. That would be blasphemy of the highest order, deserving of a personal headchop performed by Odin himself.

Dethalbum III is American melodic death metal at its finest, at least for now. This is not heart-wrenching melodic death metal with intricate harmonies in the manner of Insomnium, Be’lakor or old In Flames; this is heart-crushing melodic death metal that charges along with a focus on virtuosic guitar solos and simple harmonies.

For examples, check out the shredtastic solos in “Crush The Industry” (2:51 to 3:11) and “Starved” (1:52 to 2:10); they will make you want to pick up that air guitar and air-shred like a spasming Yngwie Malmsteen fanboy. Additionally, be awed by the soulful guitar solo that appears in “The Hammer”, which lasts from 2:13 to 2:39, before leading right into an unsophisticated harmony between the lead and rhythm guitars that will be easily caught by even the most musically untrained ears.

Bring on the Metalocalypse! Die trying to catch Dethklok’s destructive live performances! Invest all disposable income in Dethklok products and push their economic prowess beyond China’s! And remember to catch them on tour this year with Machine Head, All That Remains and The Black Dahlia Murder.


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