Entrails – The Tomb Awaits Review

Entrails // The Tomb Awaits
Rating: 4.0/5.0 —¬†Quality barbarism from beyond the grave
Label: F.D.A. Rekotz
Release Dates: Out Worldwide!
Author: Nemesis

Entrails - The Tomb AwaitsThis has been the year of death metal. Evidence is very much apparent if you look at the bulk of releases so far. Try to forget Morbid Angel and Decapitated for a moment. Quality albums from the likes of Hate Eternal, Vomitory, Supreme Pain, and Vader, even Autopsy – have made the genre stronger than ever in 2011. Sophomore album The Tomb Awaits is an attempt from these Swedish veterans of gritty old-school death metal to join those hallowed ranks.

This album is a bit tricky to review though. Two distinct approaches might be taken. Many who hear these guys for the first time might be forgiven for thinking “Another Swedish retro-death band in the mix.” Yes, it’s a known fact that masses of young bands wanting to revive that timeworn sound have been cropping up. Some are pretty damn good at it, others end up in the bargain bin of death metal. Entrails however, shouldn’t be classed as a revival act. Their beginnings hark back to the golden age of 1991.

A failed attempt by friends to record something of quality led to the bands demise in 1998. Founding member Jimmy “Bloodspill” then decided to resurrect the band 11 years later. 2010 saw Dan Swano produce the excellent debut Tales from the Morgue. Essentially old material that never saw the light of day, it makes sense that a second album would now surface only a year later. A fully functional band with aspirations of world-domination, 12 brand new offerings with fierce-intent transpire.

Entrails Promo 2011Things start off harmlessly enough with a tranquil acoustic intro, but just when you think it’s safe to come out, hell breaks loose. “Unleashed Wrath” couldn’t have been a more fitting title as a devilish shriek from beyond the grave starts proceedings off fiendishly. What s next is some seriously powerful and crushing old-school death metal in true Swedish style. All the elements are present, scathing vocals delivered with belligerent results, buzz-saw guitars and unrelenting viciousness. “Crawling Death” sounds outrageously groovy, your foot will surely be tapping along with your head-banging.

Horror and the grave are the order of the day with titles “Eaten by the Dead” and “To Live is to Rot.” Along with some gloomy artwork that should catch the eye of any macabre enthusiast. The disarray continues throughout the record and doesn’t let up until the very end. Production that is truly immense and highly effective which I think is an improvement over their debut. LOUD would be the key-word here. Almost as if Entombed had released “Left Hand Path” in a modern studio. Comparisons to earlier works of the genre-pioneers are inevitable. But in a modern-age of Deathcore bastardizations one should look at this album with the utmost reverence. This is pure, honest and fervent death metal delivered the proper way.

While Entrails may not be doing anything new and particularly original, their delivery is extremely meticulous. Everything about The Tomb Awaits will convince you of these veteran’s credentials. It’s hard to find many flaws when a band is so good at what they do. While they may not be as filthy and putrefying as the likes of Maim or Interment, there is a degree of consistency present few others have. If you like your metal exceptionally heavy but also riff-laden, look no further. I truly wonder what it must be like for fledgling death metal initiates to hear an album like this.

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