Feed the Corpses to the Pigs – This Insidious Horror Review

Promo selection is not always a calculated plan of precision. I’m sure every AMG writer has their own methodical ways or quirky preference when they dive into the sordid world of metal promos. But in some cases, it’s the promise of simple pleasures that can allure. Case in point is the new album from New Mexico’s deathgrind/crossover crew Feed the Corpses to the Pigs. I must admit it was their part cool, part clumsy moniker, and deathgrind tagging that dragged me in. But where do these corpse fed piggies fit into the 2021 equation in a year of mixed fortunes? First and foremost This Insidious Horror isn’t quite as straightforward as I was anticipating. Sure their mix of old school and modern influences boasts loads of chunky riffage, boneheaded grooves and rapid fire death grind elements. However, a punky streak, blackened and hardcore tidbits, and diverse vocal attack, predominantly consisting of guttural eruptions and raspy higher vox, make for a varied, if occasionally perplexing platter.

This Insidious Horror jam packs oodles of energy and lively performances into a mere 32 lean minutes of destruction. Suitably heavy and aggressive, yet boosted by a sense of fun and oddball adventurism beyond the core groove-laced deathgrind influences makes for a palatable listen. Traces of Carcass, Aborted, Napalm Death and Illdisposed filter through the mud caked exterior. Base level credentials are on point, solid musicianship, beefy tones, and abundant supplies of grindy death impress on the cutthroat “Ghost of Winter.” The song has added cred with the welcome inclusion of the legendary Rick Rozz of Death and Massacre fame. Similarly, feisty ditties follow, but the quality is not always where it needs to be across the album, resulting in an inconsistent listen.

“The Death of Expertise” is a tornado of blasts, ripping riffs and slammy groove. When Feed the Corpses to the Pigs tap into their explosive, grindy instincts the results are intermittently appealing. Even with a short but again unnecessary intro, “Out of Sync” detonates a delightfully grindy nugget, boosted by solid riffs, and the band’s penchant for dispensing meat-hooking grooves. The handful of vicious, more well-rounded and cohesive numbers also serve to highlight the album’s deficiencies, such as the distracting stylistic, vocal and lyrical factors, and overuse of samples and space-wasting introductions. I admire the band’s flair for experimentation, illustrated when they add some blackened, almost symphonic elements into the mix on cuts like “The Ocean Sings Murder” and closer “This Fucking Horror,” tunes with attitude and brawn. But the odd compositions lack the violent urgency , riffs and appeal of the grindier songs on offer.

It feels a little strange complaining about lyrical content and themes on a groove-centric deathgrind album, but there are off-putting distractions scattered through the runtime. Several tunes have needlessly delayed, ambient intros to songs designed to thrust at the jugular. There are also some unwanted soundbites, including COVID-related samples. Yeah it’s fucking relevant and topical but I have no interest at this point hearing this shit in my metal, regardless of agenda. And sometimes lyrics are best left indecipherable. Several songs feature lyrics that sound a little clumsy and goofy, in a not-so-great way in a mixed vocal arsenal. It’s also hard to tell if the band is being serious or taking the piss. “Drink Myself to Death” is awkward both musically and lyrically, though seems to be selling a serious message and story about alcoholism. The point gets lost in translation despite the darker tone and some redeeming aspects.

Overall cool songs and moments are scattered across the album, but some clumsy execution and awkward stylistic blending prove distracting. Perhaps I’m being a little harsh on the final assessment. certainly, in short, sharp doses, there is enough frantic, over-the-top entertainment to eke out some headbangable entertainment to pass the time, or soundtrack a workout. I only wish these piggies could cut the fat and refine their writing. This Insidious Horror is by no means a bad album, but there is not quite enough on offer to earn a heartier endorsement.

Rating: 2.5/5.0
DR: 5 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Website: facebook.com/FeedtheCorprsestothePigs 
Releases Worldwide: October 15th, 2021

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