Finnish Heavy Metal Propaganda

Recently I’ve said in several different posts that I thought that Koskenkorva was the reason for the Finnish heavy metal craze. Turns out, I’m wrong. Apparently there is an indoctrination process that starts very, very young. Indoctrination, from heavy metal guys in dinosaur suits. Aptly named “Heavisaurus”! Their videos now litter the web and are pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever fucking seen. The comments are classic, but my two personal favorite were “It’s like Gwar with training wheels!” And then the other guy who was just outraged at the how much cooler Finnish kids shows are than American ones: “GOD DAMMIT finland has metal dinosaurs and in the US we had hannah montana and the jonas brothers, FUCK”

Watch, and be in awe.

This can only really lead to one response, honestly. You probably should’ve seen this coming…

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