Have a Merry Little AMG Christmas IV: The Remembering

Oh the things we’ve seen in 2017!

We’ve seen good things and bad things, the weird and the wack,

Manbuns, muppets and a very sweaty back,

There was even a horny weregoat on crack!

There were Blind Seers, ever reliable spheres, and one of Happy Metal Guy‘s ears,


Unicorns, tentacle porn, Hobosexuals and plenty of goatpenis

Prosecutions, retractions, contrition and general meanness

Remember Jari’s Micro-tel and all the Rodeos, concrete trash cans and unlimited YOs,

We saw a promo embargo, foot novels, weddings and non-suspicious bleedings

Folks born of swords, icy fjords, journalism tests and Steve Wilson’s bare chest

2017 was another great AMG year, for which all you cheapskates owe us a shitload of beer.

From the AMG staff to you and all yours, a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Festivus, Krampus and Jørnmas. Thanks for all your support. We”ll see you in 2018!

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