Have a Merry Little AMG Christmas: The Bringing of Olde, Frankenstein and Myrkur

No yuletide poem this year, kids. Come gather round the fireplace though, because Steel brings good tidings for one and all.

If you’re more than a casual reader of our beloved metal blog, you likely noticed a new trend developing this year (no, not the ER or YER things). At some point, readers began gifting albums to one another on Bandcamp. This started out small, but over time it grew rather tall, going from occasional to commonplace. This culminated over the past few weeks where the Bandcamp gifts were flying fast and furious like an Amazon Fulfillment Center conveyor belt set to “Grindcore.” Some even came the way of the AMG writers, and we gifted some back as a token of our sincere appreciation for your readership, camaraderie and overall coolness.

When so much internet communication these days comes down to trolling, insults and abject dickishness, What’s been going on around here deserves some recognition. The AMG community is always top-notch, but you’ve earned a hearty round of applause for being such a wonderful bunch of lovable, warm-hearted bastards. Your thoughtful, generous behavior is a rare thing these days, and you should be proud. Dammit, now Steel has some nutmeg in his Iron Eye ov Judgment.

To all who regularly wander through our written words and furious attempts at building our metal cred, keep being awesome in 2019. We’ll try to do the same. Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful New YearER.

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