Lacrimas Profundere – The Grandiose Nowhere Review

Lacrimas ProfundereThe Grandiose Nowhere
Rating: 3.5/5.0 —Not angry, barely metal, but still (very) good.
Label: Napalm Records
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Release Dates: EU: 30.04.2010 | US: 05.11.2010

Lacrimas Profundere - The Grandiose NowhereAlright all you self-loathing, gothic creepozoids and lovers of exquisite pain, step right up and get the perfect soundtrack for stalking your ex. Yes, it’s The Grandiose Nowhere by those Germanic gloom meisters Lacrimas Profundere. Album number nine shows these boys up to their usual dark tricks and giving you some hard charging, gloom infested rock n droll with plenty of misery for those who love the cold grip of melancholia. Lest you think that doesn’t sound like fun, I am thrilled to report this is a mighty rocking and rollicking goth-o-thon that makes you nod your head no matter how badly you want to sit and stare at the ground in misery.

Now some will say, this is not angry and it sure as hell ain’t metal. Well, Slayer this certainly isn’t, but it is heavy enough to warrant mention on a site as angry and metallic as this one. Lacrimas Profundere looking emogothThere are all shades to the metal genre these days and these guys and their gothic kin have a seat at the table. Disclaimers and speechifying aside for now, back to the review.

Keeping the formula intact that worked so well on 2006’s Filthy Notes from Frozen Hearts and 2008’s Songs for the Last View, Lacrimas Profundere continue to churn out excellent and catchy goth-metal. Sounding like a heavier H.I.M. or a really, really pissed off version of The Cure, The Grandiose Nowhere comes out of the graveyard full of piss and vinegar with “Be Mine in Tears” and never really looks back. From start to finish, The Grandiose Nowhere blasts along the gothic highway at a brisk pace keeping things lively but always leaving enough anguish and pain in the vocals and lyrics so listeners can mourn whatever it is they are currently mourning. Where else do you get such classic lyrics like “spit on me after I’ve been shot, punish me darling, punish me” and “I’m the guilt, you’re the lust, turning everything to dust.” That is good stuff right there folks, don’t deny it!

This is a very vocally focused production, with front man Rob Vitacca way up front in the mix and everything else left struggling for space in the background. Fortunately, Rob has the perfect gothic-metal voice and style of singing and comes across as a tougher Ville Valo (H.I.M.) with some moments of Peter Steele styled guttural croons (R.I.P. Big Pete). The guitars are there but could be more present in the mix and packing a little extra punch. However, that won’t prevent anyone from enjoying the twelve songs on The Grandiose Nowhere since each is pretty solid and accessible. When Lacrimas Profundere speeds things up they are at their best with gems like “The Letter,” “Lips,” and “Her Occasion of Sin.” However, the slower, somber numbers clearly have their place too and “No Matter Where You Shoot Me Down” (oh so classic goth title) is a great example of the doom and gloom rock these guys do so well. There really are no weak tracks here and this is superior to 2008’s Songs for the Last View.

When it’s time to sit in the dark feeling miserable and lonely, this is a great album to throw on as you brood into a glass of blood red wine. It will allow you to remain plenty morose and self-pitying, yet it’s far too rocking to ever put you to sleep. Crank this sucker and get glum!

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