LG Petrov Passes Away at Age 49

Sad news today in the metalverse. After being diagnosed with cancer of the bile duct in 2020, Lars-Göran Petrov (better known as L.G.) passed away last night at the all too young age of 49.

Best known as the vocalist of Entombed, L.G. helped catapult the Swedish death metal sound into popularity with the landmark Left Hand Path album in 1990. He appeared on eight studio albums with Entombed, also helping them establish the death n’ roll genre which they first experimented with on 1993s Wolverine Blues. In 2013 he formed Entombed A.D. and released three albums under that banner.

We at AMG want to extend our condolences to his family and friends. L.G. gave us a lot of great music to remember him by and he will be missed. Hails.



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