Lord of the Logos

Apparently Christophe Szpajdel has released a book that spans his career and the amazing logos that he’s produced. For those of you who don’t know, he’s the gentleman who has produced some of the most recognizable logos in metal and, specifically black metal, ever. He did Emperor, Old Man’s Child, Wolves in the Throne Room as well as probably thousands of bands you’ve never heard of. His work is fantastic, serious art. His style is really distinctive and really amazing. In fact, you can pretty much tell his work just by looking at it (like, I’m pretty sure he did this Dark Fortress logo that I’m looking at). The man is a genius and his new book looks gorgeous, though I haven’t gotten a copy of it yet, unfortunately. It’s definitely going on my wishlist.

Here’s a preview of it. It’s fairly expensive (€ 35.00 / $ 55.00 / £ 32.50), but it looks like it’s really amazing quality, too. Support this man in his endeavor to make metal more visually excellent.

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