Meet the AMG Staff: a Guide to Your New (and Olde) Metal Overlords

Once upon a time, two orphaned brothers named Romulus and Remus relied on a rudimentary bird spotting contest to determine which of them would rule the fledgling Roman Empire. From such humble beginnings sprang one of the most powerful and enduring civilizations the world has ever known. While AMG and Steel Druhm aren’t related, nor do they advocate electorally significant bird watching, they have built a mighty metal presence on the interwebz and their wise words echo in eternity (and Spanish language copycat blogs).

As the site evolved from a one-man, to a two-man, to a 20-something men and one woman labor of love, readers had to adjust to new voices, diverse opinions, and occasional staff disappearances1. As we contemplated the windbag clown brigade of a staff we’ve assembled, we realized it was time to shine a bright light into the creepy crawlspaces of AMG Inc. and let you know who we are and what we’re all about. To this noble end, we’ve updated the information in the “About and Contact” tab above to include actual writer profiles for our ever-growing staff. Some you already know, some you’re just beginning to know, and some you wish you never knew.

Consider this our humble attempt to facilitate a deeper bond between we the writers and you the reader, and possibly assist in determining how your musical tastes align with ours. With that said, please don’t get all creepy about it. We aren’t dating, we buy restraining orders in bulk and we know important, powerful people.


The Management

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  1. It’s a completely non-suspicious sabbatical.
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