Megadeth – Head Crusher

I make no bones about it, I am not a big Megadeth fan.  Remember that part of Lord of the Rings where Gandalf calls Théodin “the lesser son of great fathers?”  Yeah, the way I see it: Megadeth is pretty much the same way.  Overrated, not very interesting and pretty much just kind of annoying.  And they’re certainly past their prime.  I DID, however, have to check out the new track (and land myself on the band’s mailing list—I do try to keep up-to-date) and I was highly amused.  First, torture?  What were the chances!?  The American zeitgeist strikes again.

Anyway, Head Crusher is not a bad song, actually.  Mustaine is less annoying than usual (probably because he’s been mixed down) and I don’t remember the guitar ever being this good on a Megadeth (RIP is highly overrated, anyway).  So, yeah, I think these guys are actually better than they were in the past—and good for Mustaine.  On the bright side, he did finally beat Metallica in some way: he out-metalled them.  So good on him.  But head crusher?  Why is it that all I can think of is this…?

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