New Katatonia Record Announced!

I guess that one shouldn’t really be happy when one hears about a new Katatonia record being released. I mean, their music is massively depressing and it makes me all sad inside. And yet, I love it so much. I seriously think that Katatonia, like Amorphis, is one of those bands that got better when they went and sold out. Come to think of it Anathema did the same thing. Huh. You’d think that I was just a poseur, but maybe it’s just that I don’t like doom metal that much. Anyway, any direction that you look at it from, a new Katatonia record is a really, really good thing. Though, the name? Yeah.. Night Is the New Day? Uh, yeah. So they apparently really like Linkin Park now, but as long as they don’t start sounding like them (hint hint Lacuna Fucking Coil), I’ll be fine.

Here’s the presser from Northern Music which includes the word “opus,” which I think is unwise, but they’re right when they say that The Great Cold Distance was totally excellent:

“They say every night has it’s [sic] dawn, we say night is the new day!”

Katatonia, the Swedish masters of melancholy, are set to return with their follow-up to 2006’s groundbreaking album, The Great Cold Distance.

It can now be revealed that the latest opus is to be titled Night Is the New Day, with the band currently well along the road to completion of their eighth studio album. Night Is the New Day will be released on October 19th  (USA: October 27th ) on Peaceville Records.

Keep a look-out for the upcoming launch of for exclusives & more.

Assuming you couldn’t tell, I’m fucking stoked.

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