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Angry Metal-Fi is a series of articles that are cross posted on Angry Metal Guy and Metal-Fi as a collaborative effort to evangelize dynamics in metal.

By: Alex-Fi

Angry Metal-FiOne of the main reasons why Dave and I started Metal-Fi was the simple fact that as experienced audiophiles who also happen to be extreme metal fanatics, we had absolutely no place to congregate. I mean none. The closest you could get to real metal talk is when audiophiles drool over Magico’s in-house CNC machine. That’s about it.

Well today is the day we change all that!

After a lot of internal discussion, as well as a lot of feedback from all of you, we have decided to start our own community with the addition of the Metal-Fi Forum. We are hoping to build a vibrant community of like-minded metal fanatics (Certifiable actually. -Dave) who want a home to talk about metal, audiophile-ish related topics, and everything in between. Where Cardas and Carcass can actually be friends without fear of ridicule. Where Venom and vinyl are constantly used in the same sentence. You get the picture.

In addition, when Dave and I started to incubate the idea of a forum we wanted to include Angry Metal Guy in on the discussion too. We’ve always felt as long time readers of the best review site in the business that AMG should have its own dedicated forum in order to give readers an area to interact with each other outside the context of a review (read: AMG wants to ban you. All of you. -Dave). So we are very pleased to announce that Metal-Fi is also now home of the official Angry Metal Guy forum as well!

Join us, and become an active member of one of the most intelligent and passionate metal communities on Earth!

AMG Notes:

We’ve been fielding requests for a while asking us to create an Angry Metal Guy forum where the good commenters of this website could come together to have better/more-in-depth conversations. As opposed to moving from post-to-post, criticizing the reviewers and whining about how late the Record(s) o’ the Month post is, the reasoning goes, readers want to be able to have a steady place to whine, complain, and criticize.

Alas, we have never pursued this experiment because: try is a precious commodity that we refuse to expend. Well, fortunately for us and our readers, the awesome folks at Metal-Fi are full of piss and vinegar (which is a bit like try, actually) and they’ve decided that a forum would be a great idea! And they were so kind as to offer us forum space. I assume that this is a plot to co-opt our fanbase and, frankly, more power to ’em. Ever since Steel Druhm jinxed our comment section, everything has been in a downward spiral. So good riddance!

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is: we’ve got a forum now. It’ll be moderated by Steel “The Banhammer” Druhm, Madam “Ban ‘Em with a Whip” X, and myself. I’m not sure if it will work, but I’m willing to give it a chance. So, wanna experience something vaguely similar to the mythical Angry Metal Guy Staff Facebook group (though, disappointingly, without Mark Zuckerberg spying on our conversations to try to sell us advertising)? This is as close as you’ll ever get.


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