Opeth Bus Crash/Suicide

So according to Mikael Ãkerfeldt’s (Opeth/Bloodbath frontman) blog on MySpace someone apparently crashed into the tour bus (which he, Fredrik and Axe weren’t on because they had flown home early), in an apparent suicide attempt. It was somewhere on the road between Dublin and Brussels, but it doesn’t say where.

The first post (entitled “No fun!”) was from last night (October 15th) at 7:45 pm:


Myself, Axe, Fredrik and our soundman, Pontus Norgren decided to fly home to our families for a few days as the option would have been 3 days off in Brussels.

Now I hear that our bus apparently crashed into this other car making a unexpected U-turn in the middle of the highway. Mendez and Per were on the bus together with the rest of our crew but nobody got hurt. They are however shocked and very shaken of course. The driver in the other car was critically injured. I’ve not heard back from anyone yet regarding his progress but apparently it’s not looking very good. Hoping for the best however.

I don’t know where or when this happened but I know the bus was heading from Dublin to Brussels.

I’ll let you know more as soon as I get some information, but as for now everyone in the band are safe and same with our crew. As far as I know the only injured person was the driver of the other car, which obviously is horrible enough!

To be honest, I rarely think about things, accidents like this, but fuck man, it happens! My mind’s all over the place and right now I don’t want to go back out.

But…the show in Brussels on the 17th and the remaining part of the tour will go ahead as planned.


The second (entitled “More non-uplifting news!”) was from this morning at about 9:45:


I just got a text from Mendez who saying that the driver of the other car (who made the U-turn) that our bus crashed into, sadly passed away from his injuries. On top of that it seems as if it was a deliberate death-stunt from his side as the police had found a suicide-letter in the car-wreck.

This is just getting more odd and scary I tell ya.

I’ve no idea who he was but I have to say our condoleances goes out to his family and loved ones anyways either though we don’t have a name at this point.

I’m kinda lost for words here.


Oi. So yeah, I guess condolences go out to the family of the dude who committed suicide on the Opeth tourbus. How weird is that?

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