Opeth – New Track “Cusp of Eternity” and Pale Communion Art

You might all know that I’m a pretty die-hard Opeth fanboy. ‘Course, that didn’t stop me from panning Heritage and entering into the most recent anticipation for the new record with a lot of anxiety. Pale Communion has been pushed back to August, as most of you know (though pre-orders start on the 3rd of June). That they’ve just released the (amazing) album art suggests that this was the band’s fault and probably not the label’s. I was really impressed by the artwork that got released a few days back. It’s unique, beautiful, moody, and it really reminds me of Riddarholmskyrkan in Stockholm.

Opeth - Pale Communion

So, with that art out of the way, now a track has apparently “leaked.” I’m not sure what this actually means, if the band is leaking it or if it’s an actual leak, but since it just happened, it’s probably the most newsworthy thing I’ve seen in a long time. So I’m just going to drop the link here and say “omg, hear those drums? They sound like drums!” And that bridge at 3:33 and transition at 4:09? That’s the shit I’m talking about that was missing from Heritage. Enjoy. I sure will.

Edit 1: I know the video that was posted here got taken down, but now that the cat is out of the bag it ain’t goin’ back in. It must really have been a leak, then. That’s too bad, and I feel like a bit of a dick for posting it. But it is a magical song and my excitement outweighed my judgement.

Edit 2: I am now inserting a rip of the official video that was released. This one is admittedly way better and I’d include the Vimeo version that was released, but that’s not embeddable. Also, h/t to MetalSucks who apparently got to stream it. I would embed the official version, but the Vimeo embeds are forbidden to us because we’re not a big enough source.

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