Otoboke Beaver – Super Champon [Things You Might Have Missed 2022]

It never ceases to bum me out when people will champion (rightfully, I may add) one band for their characteristically wacky, zany antics and tight musicianship, but somehow let another, similar experience slide through the cracks. Case in point: we here at The Church of the Metal Guy of Angry have our fair share of Beaten To Death fans, and it’s not hard to see why. Their off-beat harmonies, blast-happy histrionics, and hilarious song titles won over a number of our jaded, blackened hearts in no time. That said, not many of us can say the same for (or at least listened to) the quirky, bubbly, and yet utterly batshit insane stylings of Kyoto’s Otoboke Beaver. Today, I’m hoping to change all that by convincing you, dear reader, to give Super Champon a listen while eschewing the standard 5-paragraph format. Let’s begin…

Super Champon is grindy like a good burr coffee grinder. Much like their debut, Itekoma Hits, Super Champon doesn’t let up. In fact, it takes no prisoners with moments of sheer speed and grindcore insanity to levels that Itekoma Hits only dreamed of, and usually from far, far, far out of left field, even for them. “I Put My Love To You In a Song JASRAC” starts off all quirky and goofy until drummer Hahokiss flattens everyone with some sick double-bass footwork and build-ups. “I Won’t Dish Out Salads” bounces and flails but then goes all Nasum on your sorry ass towards the end. There’s some shocking heft to this thing that needs to be experienced.

Super Champon respects your time. 18 songs in 21 minutes. Folks, at the length of one modern-day Iron Maiden song, you can experience all of Super Champon in the comfort of your home without feeling like you’re wasting your time. “First-Class Side Guy,” the album’s epic-length journey at a whopping two minutes and nine seconds, will get your ass moving without boring you. None of these songs drag for too long, nor do they contain too much repetition.

Super Champon is infectiously angry.
If you’re not flailing around like a possessed Jim Henson creation to “I Am Not Maternal” or doing the same thing while screaming along to the chorus of “Leave Me Alone! No, Stay With Me!,” I can’t help you. But Otoboke Beaver knows how to make you feel simultaneously happy and angry. Hapgry, if you will. Fuck you, it’s a word now.

Okay, so this is still five paragraphs, but I missed this earlier (again), and I don’t want any of you to miss it at all. Super Champon is a groovier, blastier, tighter proposition than even their debut, and their debut was plenty groovy, blasty, and tight. If you’re in the mood for something that’s only marginally metal, but plenty heavy and quirky, the Champon awaits you.

Tracks to Check Out: “I Am Not Maternal,” “PARDON?,” “Leave Me Alone! No, Stay With Me!,” “George & Janice,” “Dirty Old Fart is Awaiting My Reaction,” I Put My Love To You In a Song JASRAC.”

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