Overlord’s Perpetual – S/T (Sonic Age, 2005)

Rating: 1.5/5

Some albums are glimmer with light when they’re played.  They radiate with the genius of a prodigy guitarist, they invigorate the speakers from which the colorful, intense luminssence flows. OVERLORD’S PERPETUAL‘s debut (self-titled) record is not one of these records. While there are glimmers of hope that shine through, this is a string of tired metal cliches, excessive sweeping, triplets, and just general self-gratification.

Built on the basis of traditional neo-classical guitar rock (it’s hard to believe that this genre was once revolutionary), OVERLORD’S PERPETUAL go through all the motions of being a neo-classical guitar rock band, the shrill vocalist (with the bad-to-mediocre lyrics), the “rock-beat-plus- double-kick” drummer, the “what-they-have-a-bassist?” bassist, and the “aslo-a-prodigy” keyboard player. Oh, of course, let’s not forget Overlord, himself, the Ego-in-training (who happens to look just like a skinny YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, complete with cross, cream Fender Strat and all).

These guys, however, have a glimpse of hope. A couple of the songs on this record were pretty good. There were times when they broke away from the boring chord based riffing and the excessively shrill guitar solos to do some very cool, technical guitar (and keyboard work) that really showed a modicum of taste and respect for the art of metal.  The fifth track, which lacks vocals, is probably the best one on the record. The keyboards really shine through, and good ol’ Overlord puts his guitar tracking to good work to come up with a fine blend of technicality and melody that made me appreciate the moment.

Of course, aside from a couple of tracks, this was just another piece of the same-ol’ from the neo-classical genre.  The vocals are the traditionally bad, ESL vocals that tend to mar these records. Really, the only redeeming quality in any of the other tracks is the keyboard solos.  The keyboardist can really play, and he also has a good under- standing of theory, while not being a total wanker (and being able to do it well, when he is playing a fast solo).

I’d say, watch and see with this Overlord kid. He’s only 20, and if he can realize that he’s not YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and that he has the talent to really do something unique and interesting, he’ll put out some great records in the future.  However, if he continues down this path of masturbatory self-gratification (and leopard print), I suspect he’ll only be playing with himself in the future.

Written 2005 for Unchain the Underground by AMG

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