Record(s) o’ the Month – July 2014

What? It’s October already!? Just in time for the Record(s) o’ the Month, July edition! Now, you may be asking yourself “but did anything come out in July?” and the answer would be: “dude, do you even metal?” Hell yes it did. And we’re not even going to fuck around, we’re just going to jump right into the joy of bringing you the July’s best metal records (that we reviewed and also liked).

I’m tired.

Origin - Omnipresent
Oh shit yeah. Origin’s Omnipresent was a blast of extremely good technical death metal that got everyone who heard it over here at the AMG offices worked into a pseudo-religious lather. After the human sacrifices and diabolical orgy, we managed to get ourselves cleaned up and assigned Kronos and his mad kale addiction to review the sucker. After a week of intense listening sessions, he was released from the closet and, covered in white powder and some kind of deep green paste, penned these nouns, verbs and adjectives: “Omnipresent […] make[s] me grin and sing along and giggle with perverse glee over just how good they are. No matter how many times I hurt my neck or am forced to walk around in public grinning like a psychopath, I’m going to keep listening to this because it’s so habit forming that it makes cocaine look like kale.” Oh. I get it.

Fallujah - The Flesh PrevailsFallujah // The Flesh Prevails [review | commentary]Let’s all just bask in this art for a minute. (Good art month. That Origin record has cool art, too.) OK. Now that we’ve basked, I need to throw it out there that this record is, of course, a controversial item here at AMG Studios Inc. LLC. It has, you see… a DR3 rating. And while, yes, that might seem negligible to some people, we try to not encourage that kind of thing. But we guarantee that you will be pleased with your purchase if you check out The Flesh Prevails on vinyl. And let’s be frank, the CD—while possibly headache inducing—is chock full of extremely good technical death metal.

Overkill_White Devil ArmoryOverkill // White Devil Armory — Sure, Overkill is like older than your grandpa. And I think combined they’re the oldest man in the world, for sure. But even if they are dad thrash—they’re dad thrash on a fucking roll. Steel Druhm had OPINIONS about White Devil Armory: “Ladies and gents, this is one bona fide bad ass album. Not a weak track anywhere, just in-your-face, confrontational smack talk metal designed to make the drunk asshole throw the first punch. What else do you want (or expect) from a New Jersey band? Shit just got very real.” And when Mr. the Druhm tells you things got real… they got real.

Wolvhammer Clawing into Black Sun 01Wolvhammer // Clawing into Black Sun — You might wonder whether or not the blackened sludge gauntlet has been thrown down. You may lay awake nights running this over in your mind. Turns out you have your answer in the form of Wolvhammer. “Three years have done Wolvhammer a bit of good,” intoned a pleased Grymm.Clawing into Black Sun raises the bar for others to attempt to catapult over, and they’ve managed to converge their ideas into a powerful new whole. The gauntlet’s been thrown, kids.” You’ve got your answer. Now go the fuck to sleep.

Record I Am Intentionally Not Including Despite its Score:

Vardan // Enjoy of Deep Sadness — No. I’m ashamed this was even reviewed. Look at that fucking title. Fuck.

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