Record(s) o’ the Month – August 2012

We’re well into the month of September now, and August’s Record o’ the Month hasn’t been posted. This has been a pretty intense month (in a pretty intense year), and to be honest with you, I was completely surprised by the results. The Record o’ the Month has to go to SophicidePerdition of the Sublime which is a motherfucking riot but came totally out of nowhere. This German kid, whose name is completely unspellable, rips it up and knocked my socks off. I obviously wrote a review of it and you should go and read it and then hop over to the greedy Deciblog where the whole thing is streaming. The year’s best technical death metal record? Hell yes it is. I loved Gorod and this beats it. Google alerting this band, for motherfucking sure.

Sophicide - Record o' the Month

Runners Up:

Bedemon // Symphony of Shadows – This record from a zombie band really got Steel Druhm’s attention and therefore it has our attention because Steel Druhm is a force of personality akin to a zombie apocalypse: stinky, in your face, and hard to ignore. Listen to this record from this zombie band or Steel Druhm will eat your brains!

Necrovation // Necrovation – This old school whirlwind of awesome also apparently hit a couple months ago, but who fucking cares, right? This record is a kick ass death metal assault of the truest variety. No Entombed rip off bullshit here. All Grade A Death Metal Beef.

Reverence // The Asthenic Ascension – Black metal often gets the shit end of the stick here at AMG, but this superb offering from Reverence deserves some acknowledgement, even if it was actually released in Europe in April, not August. It was released somewhere in August, and while it doesn’t best Dodecahedron in sheer creepiness, it is an excellent offering and one of the better black metal offerings I’ve heard this year.

Record I Intentionally Left Off Despite It Having Received a High Score:

Threshold // March of Progress – I don’t like the vocalist. Shut up already.

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