Record(s) o’ the Month – April 2014

Just in time for the Record(s) o’ the Month for May, we proudly present the Record(s) o’ the Month for April! And here you thought that drab beige background would NEVER go away!

April was an interesting month in music, with a whole bunch of quality “extreme” albums dropping. Even so, there was much less staff infighting this time to determine what the big burrito was. Our choice was a hotly anticipated release with mucho built in expectations and lo and behold, it lived up to them all. We like that kind of thing. Without further dithering, we give you the Record o’ the Month for April 2014.


Triptykon // Melana Chasmata — Tom G. Warrior leverages his Triptykon project once again to reaffirm his legendary place in metal and Melana Chasmata is another crushing platter of genre defying weirdness. Blending vintage Celtic Frost with elements of doom, death, black and thrash metal is no mean feat, and doing it this well deserves a lot of praise. As Noctus writes, “It’s heavy in a way that almost seems alien, yet refreshing, despite being a logical succession to every album Warrior has been a part of.” Don’t miss this one, folks. It almost makes up for Cold Lake. Almost. Rest in peace H. R. Giger.

Runners Up:

Vanhelga_LangtanVanhelga //Längtan Here’s a question: “Do you hate life but love Lifelover?” If you do, then Vanhelga may be for you. Though the name sounds like a cheesy Van Halen cover act, they actually rock some fucked up black metal that Grymm thinks would be the perfect soundtrack for a psychotic break. Lunatic vocals and mega-distorted guitars make this a rough listen, but a good one. It’s like bleakness and schizophrenia meet for brunch and you have to pick up the tab.

anubis gate_horizonsAnubis Gate // Horizons — The lords of melodic power-prog are back with an album loaded with crisp, catchy and accessible anthems to slick song writing. While Steel Druhm felt it wasn’t quite up to the level of their recent releases, he found much of it “so unbelievably catchy and ear wormy, they may give some people conniptions of aural joy.” He even bought into their 14 minute monster track, and you know how Mr. The Druhm hates long-winded songs! Ear candy this addictive should come with a warning.

Infestus The Reflecting Void 01Infestus // The Reflecting Void A one man black metal band following in the depressive footsteps of Shining is just what Madam X ordered and Infestus delivers the glum goods. Grimly blending extreme and shoegazy variants of blackness, with guitar-work “teetering between inconsolable and dare I say cutting.” Infestus is “a reflection of past successes married with new influence, making it a worthy declaration of war by this lone army.” That means she likes it.

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for the Record(s) o’ the Month for May, likely to appear in July if we’re lucky!


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