Shining Enters Studio to Begin VII

Well, apparently Shining is wasting no time with releasing a new record. This probably has to do with the fact that VI/Klagopsalmer has been such a long time coming–but also, as I reported the other day, they signed with Indie Recordings and they probably want to get right underway. Anyway, the band has updated its MySpace Page with a little blog that confirms our earlier news about release date as well.


SHINING has once again entered the Slaughterhouse, to begin work on SHINING VII.

The seventh album will take a different direction from that taken on the sixth (which incidentally we have been told will be released on the 30th June unless there are any other problems with the printers).

Track list and samples from SHINING VII will follow as soon as we start mixing the album.

So there you have it. Six isn’t even out yet, and the band is changing directions and doing something new. Of course, I’m always looking forward to their new stuff. So bring it on Kvarforth!

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