Shining – VI/Klagopsalmer delayed… AGAIN!? And other news…

Osmose has released another statement about the new Shining record that we’re all waiting for.

SHINING album is delayed again and again from the factory…We’ve got a new delivery date now who is set up for May 30th, 2009, while we are not 100% sure if all will work out good from the printing company who is handleling the booklet and the tray card of the CD. We still face the same problem with the quality printing who does not satisfy anybody at the pressing plan.

Seriously, why can we not get this record? So, it was supposed to be released, I can’t get a promo copy to review and this whole thing is just making me crazy. However, in some GOOD news, the band has reportedly signed with Indie Records in Norway (quite possibly my favorite label these days) for two records and a DVD. Here’s the official press release via their MySpace/label website.

Indie Recordings is proud to announce the signing of SHINING.

Sweden’s SHINING has inked a deal with Norwegian label Indie Recordings, that includes the release of two full-length albums, and the release of the first ever official DVD from the band.

Commenting on the new signing SHINING’s front man and creator NIKLAS KVARFORTH, said “SHINING has reached a stage now where we have a considerable following, that is growing rapidly all the time, and I believe we have reached a new maturity with our music, expanding beyond what people expect from us, and we expect to go even further. It was, therefore, time to notch things up in respect of labels. We liked what Indie have been doing for their other bands, and we felt that SHINING would be comfortable in a relationship with them”.

SHINING recently pulled out of the Unholy Fest in The Czech Republic which has seen several bands pull out because of the organisers not meeting their obligations to the bands. The band’s next festival appearance is scheduled for the Party.San Festival on the 7th August.

More information about SHINING, including two tracks from the forthcoming release can be found on the band’s MySpace page at

Thus far it appears that Indie Recordings has a better history of releasing albums on time. Good stuff, IMO.

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