Swallow the Sun to Tackle Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past Over Seven Albums

marcelNo stranger to lengthy recordings, Finland’s Swallow the Sun announced their next project will be a mammoth multi-album interpretation of French poet Marcel Proust’s magnum opus, Remembrance of Things Past. Also known as In Search of Lost Time, Proust’s defining work was published in seven lengthy volumes between 1913 and 1927, but Swallow the Sun plans to release it as a seven-disc (18 vinyl) box set sometime in 2019.

Remembrance portrayed the humanistic rituals of learning about art, participating in a modern society and falling in love, and did it in such painstaking detail, the combined 7 volumes featured some 2,000 odd characters. Swallow the Sun vocalist Mikko Kotamäki was vague on how such an expansive, meticulously detailed work could be translated into the doom/death genre, or whether it would feature guest musicians. However, he was adamant that the finished product would be intended to be experienced as a single work of art rather than 7 separate albums, and that it would increase respect for the album format by exceeding it by roughly 8 hours.


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