Baroness – Blue Record Streaming

Relapse Record’s Baroness have put up their new record Blue Record up for streaming on Myspace.  I’d review it, but I’m a little bitter that these guys let lots of other people review it first and then want me to go to the streaming audio on their site to do the review.  So, we’ll see. […]

Megadeth – Endgame Review

Megadeth – Endgame Review

Megadeth became the coolest thing since Metallica the year that I turned 9. The band’s big mainstream breakthrough Countdown to Extinction was a classic record in many respects, because it took thrash metal that hadn’t been produced by Bob Rock and turned it into a mainstream thing. I still love that record and it’s follow up Youthanasia but I have a long-standing dislike for Dave Mustaine as a person, musician and I’m sure that those of you who know me or have read this blog know how I feel about Megadeth’s discography. If you don’t, I’ll clarify: Megadeth stinks. All-in-all, I think that the band’s discog is totally spotty, the writing has always been mediocre, I think that Friedman was an overrated player and I’m surprised that Megadeth didn’t go away for good after Mustaine’s wrist injury fiasco.

Ensiferum – New Album Details Confirmed!

Awww, yeah.  I’m totally fucking stoked.  According to Ensiferum‘s myspace page, the band has confirmed some details and we’re going to be getting a new record in September!  So, uh, yeah.. Also, for you Americans who read this thing—these guys are touring the states: GO SEE THEM. Finnish folk metallers ENSIFERUM have set “From Afar” […]

Between the Buried and Me Done with New Record

Tommy from Between the Buried and Me has posted a message on their MySpace page updating about their studio process.  After 5 weeks of recording they have finished with their new album, The Great Misdirect.  It is scheduled to be out on the 27th of October.  Here’s the post: hello everyone… writing to update everyone […]

Nergal: “I’m sure our fans will worship our new opus.”

Behemoth has posted the 5th studio diary on YouTube for viewing.  These diaries chronicle their studio experience—they’re also pretty fucking cool.  This is, of course, all in the lead up to their new studio album Evangelion which will be released in August and is highly anticipated by this Angry Metal Guy. Well, as I said […]

Diemertus – To See Skies Fall Review

Diemertus – To See Skies Fall (Demo/EP 2009) Rating: 3.0/5.0 – Good demo, has room for growth and improvement Label: Unsigned Website: Frankly, I had no idea what to expect when I was given Shorewood, Wisconsin-based Diemertus‘ EP To See Skies Fall to review.  Of the bands from Wisco that I’m familiar with, they […]